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Our vision is to help your business to realise its true potential by making it as easy as possible for you to manage your people.

We help 1,000+ UK businesses to get HR right!

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1,000+ UK businesses choose citrusHR's friendly, flexible approach

The citrusHR story

citrusHR was founded in 2013 by David Lester — a successful entrepreneur with deep experience in the small business sector, and Georgina Read and Kirsty Senior — two vastly experienced HR consultants.

They had seen first-hand how HR issues put the brakes on the growth of small businesses. Spurred into action by the inflexible, one-size-fits-all approach that characterised the market for HR services, they founded citrusHR — the HR support service and software that puts small, medium and growing businesses first.

What does that mean in reality? It means:

  • We offer flexible, rolling, monthly contracts instead of locking customers in for years on end.
  • We charge on a clear per-employee basis that makes it easy for businesses to budget for HR.
  • We tailor our expert HR advice and our work on your employment documents to the needs of your business, rather than treating your business as if it was the same as every other one.
  • We design HR software that’s focused on saving you time on day to day HR admin tasks that we know can distract your team from doing their jobs. 

Our vision is to help your business to realise its true potential by making it as easy as possible for you to manage your people. If you have any ideas for how we can do this better, we’re all ears.

David Lester

CEO and Co-Founder

Georgina Read

Director and Co-Founder

Kirsty Senior

Director and Co-Founder

Find out why we think we’re a particularly good fit for:

We're the trusted HR partner for 1000+ UK businesses

  • PR/Communications
  • Finance
  • Media
  • Technology
  • Property

"I really value being able to pick up the phone whenever I need advice and speak to a friendly expert I can trust. And the software saves us huge amounts of time - essential for a busy PR agency!”

– Nick Vellacott, Highlight PR

“citrusHR have taken us through contract reviews and provided us with a fantastic staff handbook and employment documents. We’ve also found the ability to set and track employee goals within the system has really helped us to manage performance.”


– Anna Hall, Sound Financial (Case Study)

“It helps me to sleep at night knowing all our contracts and policies are compliant. And that if any issues do arise, citrusHR’s expert advisors are on hand to help us deal with them appropriately.”

– Derek Moore, Coffee & TV (Case Study)

“Having quick, easy access to expert advice has given us the reassurance that we're following the right HR procedures and our business is protected.”

– Jen Collins, The Filter

“The set up process was really easy and it was nice to know there was advice on hand whenever we needed it. The citrusHR consultant went above and beyond our expectations.”

– Matthew Squirrell, Dove and Hawk

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Expert HR Support

I need friendly, knowledgeable HR experts to review and update my employment contracts and policies, and to provide ongoing HR advice.

Powerful HR Software

I need online software that will make my day to day HR admin quick, easy and secure.


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