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Support during disputes

It is highly likely that at some stage as an employer you will find yourself with a dispute with a member of staff. How serious an issue this becomes will depend to some degree on your member of staff, but to a much larger extent on how you handle the situation.

People running small businesses and charities often find staff disputes highly stressful and emotional. Our HR consultants have all advised on hundreds of disputes, and can use their experience and knowledge of employment law and best practise to come up with a sensible, calm approach to guide you through this.

We have been able to resolve the vast majority of our customers’ staff disputes without getting to employment tribunal. This saves both the customer and their member of staff lots of time, stress and money, and therefore is what we will always try to achieve.

How we can help with employment disputes

Having clear documents which set out what you expect from your employee, and what you will pay your employee, is an important step in avoiding disputes. Providing your staff with easy access to these documents can really help, too. Our customers can use our web-based software for this free as part of our service.

Our consultants can come and meet you in person if you like, and can accompany you to a meeting with the employee involved, which some of our customers find helpful. We charge extra for any visits our consultants make.

If a dispute does not get solved and ends up going to an employment tribunal, we would normally recommend that you hand over to an employment lawyer. We can recommend one near you, or are happy to work with someone you know if you prefer. The lawyer would represent you at the tribunal. Maintaining accurate and up to date records of the stages of this dispute is really helpful at proving your case.

We can also help provide employment tribunal insurance for your business, should you need it.

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