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At citrusHR we understand how small businesses work, and have built our service with people like you in mind. We also know that talk is cheap, and that actions speak louder than words. Two popular features show how we apply this understanding to help our customers.

If you’re like most people at a small company, you’ll really struggle to get through your To Do list each day. So when you get a request for a reference for a current member of staff needing a mortgage or from another employer wanting to know about an ex-employee, you will probably groan at having to add one more thing to your schedule.

One of our principles at citrusHR is that once you have entered some staff information onto our website, you should not need to enter it again—and our system should be able to find it and use it for you. So we have included a confirmation of employment letter for any of your current staff, and a standard reference letter for any former employees. You can send out either of these letters directly from our website in less than five minutes.

Do you have a procedure for what to do if travel issues or premises problems mean your staff can’t work from your premises? Lots of small companies use a “cascade” system where everyone calls someone else on a list, so hopefully everyone eventually finds out that they shouldn’t travel to work. In practice, these systems are time-consuming and cumbersome, with lots of people forgetting who they need to call or not having the up to date phone numbers they need.

citrusHR customers have a much simpler and more modern option—to send everyone a text message. You can send a text message to all your staff quickly and easily from our website—and of course, as you can log on from anywhere with web access, you don’t need to go to the office to do this. We even know of customers who’ve used this to give people an extra hour or two off after a particularly heavy night… whatever works for you.

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