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Employment contract generator

All employers in the UK are required by law to give their employees a written statement of the terms of their employment. It’s also a really good idea, anyway, so that it is really clear what you expect the employee to do, and what you will pay them for that.

Some HR services only offer you employment contract templates; we do so much more and can ensure you have a legally compliant employment contract that is just right for your small business or charity.

Our custom built HR website includes an Employment Contract Generator which is designed especially for small businesses who want a legally compliant contract in literally just a few minutes, without having to visit an employment solicitor. Our contracts have been approved by one of the UK’s top firms of solicitors.

Our Employment Contract Generator lets you choose any of the main types of contract:

Permanent or temporary
Zero hours
Casual hours
Not sure which type of employment contract you need? Don’t worry, we provide a guide to choosing the right contract for you, or you can give us a call and we’ll happily talk you through it.

Our website will then take you through any extra clauses you might need, for example for company cars, bonus or commission, restrictive covenants and more. Not sure what a restrictive covenant is or whether you need any? You can probably decide from the explanations on-screen, but if in any doubt you’re free to call one of our fully qualified HR consultants who can help you out.

If all or most of your staff use the same type of contract then you can save even more time by storing a default contract for your organisation on our system, and then simply use that to create a new contract in about one minute.

And our employment law experts keep all our contracts up to date as employment law changes to ensure that your documents are fully legally compliant at all times.

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