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Our HR Software

Take the pain out of HR admin

We have designed our HR Software specially for UK small businesses. It gives you 24x7 access to staff information and tools to make your life as an employer much, much easier. It can literally save you both time and money, and is included free as part of our service.

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This is the dashboard

Your dashboard shows you at a glance which of your team are where this week and any reminders or warnings you have been sent.

Holiday and Absence Planner

Save hours of admin by booking your staff’s annual leave and absence online. See who’s where, when, and let the software work out how much holiday everyone has left. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and printing out holiday forms!


You can see all kinds of information about your team at the click of a button with our software. From home addresses to sick leave to unused holiday this year. There’s even a payroll report with all the information your payroll company needs.


If you have any hourly-paid staff, you’ll love our online timesheets. They let you keep track of who has worked when, and even calculate the wages and any holiday allowance. Perfect for zero hours, casual and flexiworkers.


Appraisals are a great way to motivate and develop your staff. Our software reminds you when to start, guides you through every step, and automatically files the results. You can even set and monitor objectives, too.


Even the best of us forget some key dates sometimes. And with employment, missing a key date can prove costly. So our software will remind you in advance of all sorts of key dates, from Appraisals to birthdays to Maternity Leave. So you can relax.

Nice Extras

Our software can send a reference or confirmation of employment letter out in literally 2 minutes. You can even send a text message to all your team—for example if there’s been a power cut and you want people to work from home tomorrow.

We’re so much more than HR software though

This is just one part of our HR service for small business –
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