Simple staff surveys

A staff survey can be a great way to measure and understand employee engagement in a small business.

Find out how satisfied your staff are or ask them any question you like, with our easy to use staff survey tool.

Stay connected to your people, wherever they are

Staff Satisfaction survey

The best way to find out how your staff are feeling is to ask them. We make that super easy with this survey tool.

KPIs and Tracking Staff Satisfaction over time

We make it easy to measure and track your staff satisfaction over time – so you can act if you ever see issues developing.

Customise the survey

There are many more questions you may want to ask all your staff from time to time. We make that quick and easy.

Staff survey tool

With more and more companies operating with remote teams it is harder than ever to keep track of how everyone’s feeling, especially for businesses with more than 10 employees or running different shift patterns. That’s why we’ve developed our easy to use staff survey tool that allows you to send out a staff satisfaction survey (pulse survey) to all your team at the click of a button – all within citrus HR! You will probably get more honest feedback if you choose to make the answers anonymous. Your staff can leave comments if they want explaining why they feel the way they do- which gives you the chance to deal with anything which might be an issue for some. And happy staff should be more productive staff, so solving any issues should be great for business There are two types of survey – our staff satisfaction surveys, which you can easily schedule to run as often as you want them to; and custom surveys.

Visual, rich survey reports

Our staff survey tool comes with powerful reporting functionality as standard, so you can easily view your team’s views and comments for every survey. citrus HR will also track the results of the Staff Satisfaction Survey in a Trend Report, giving you a real picture of your teams’ happiness over time to help you plan effective and engaging staff satisfaction strategies for future. Because happy teams mean productive teams.

Net Satisfaction Score

Many successful companies use Net Promoter Score as a key metric for their business. (It measures how many customers would recommend them; we use it at citrus HR. You can find out more about it here.) We have applied similar thinking to come up with a metric you can use to measure your team’s satisfaction: Net Satisfaction Score. We subtract the number of unhappy replies in a survey from the number of happy responses (ignoring any neutral replies)- and the result is your Net Satisfaction Score. Our Staff Satisfaction Trend Report automatically tracks this, so you can see how your team satisfaction changes over time. We suggest setting targets and using any feedback you get from the survey to try to keep improving satisfaction over time. That way, hopefully, you’ll also keep improving your productivity, too. We all love win-win!

Custom Surveys – Ask whatever you want

While it’s great to stay in touch with how your team are feeling, there will often be other questions you might want to hear their thoughts on. Such as:

  • Should we get an office dog?
  • Do you feel comfortable coming back to work after Lockdown?
  • Should we get Pizza for our next staff lunch?
  • What do you think of our draft new website?

It’s incredibly quick and easy to find out for sure what your staff think about an issue with our custom survey tool You can get answers rapidly and find out why people think what they think. In this data-driven world, this new survey tool means there are no more excuses for guessing at what they might think- you can find out for sure!

There’s more

This powerful survey tool is included as part of citrus HR’s software – for no extra charge. Why not give us an email today on to find out all the other ways we can help you save time on HR admin.


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  • SustainIT
  • fibodo
  • Crimson Publishing
  • Hadlow Edwards Wealth Management

“The software is intuitive and easy to use. The staff have engaged with it quickly and really enjoy using it. It is saving everyone lots of time.”

– Roy B. SustainIT

“I love the ease of use, it’s so simple to navigate around. The visual aspect is great, it’s very inviting and the whole team like using it.”

– Michelle H. fibodo

“The whole of the company uses Citrus regularly whether to request holidays, signal time out of the office or claim expenses.”

– Andy R. Crimson Publishing

“The software is in a very easy to read format, well laid out with each part easy to access. The ability to switch between team members to update records and save documents is simple and user friendly. The team find it an extremely useful and visible tool to use to record all contract and HR matters.”

– Dominic R. Hadlow Edwards Wealth Management

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