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Employment policies are not a legal requirement, but they certainly are crucial documents when it comes to employing people and we strongly recommend that you have a set which are appropriate for you and up to date.

Employment policies set out how your employees should behave in a variety of situations while working for your company. After all, telling people what you expect of them is important if you want them to behave a certain way. And if an incident ever arises where one of your team has not followed the policy, you can take action sensibly and more easily with that policy in place.

Different organisations have different activities and roles, and so will need an appropriate set of employment policies to address their needs. And these can change over time—for example many companies now have a Social Media policy and some also have an e-cigarette policy, neither of which would have existed fifteen years ago.

As part of our service, we can provide you with a staff handbook with all the employment policies you need to ensure that you’re covered. And if you already have your own we will review those to check that they are sufficient to meet your needs, and suggest new policies you might wish to add or changes we recommend you make. It is easy to “mix and match”, using some of your own policies and some of ours.

What employment policies are included?

We offer 25 standard employment policies which will cover all the areas most companies might need.

Policies are divided into six key areas; Family Friendly, General, Performance and Conduct, Wellbeing, Grievance, and Redundancy.

We will discuss with you which policies you should use for your staff. Our suite of standard policies are sufficient for most of our customers, but sometimes specialised companies need something extra. If you want additional policies we can create these for you, though we would normally charge a small additional fee for that.

We keep our standard policies up to date, so that as the law changes we will adjust policies as needed. This means you can relax knowing that your employment policies will always be up to date with the law. We also add new policies from time to time.

If you wish you can give your staff access to view your policies on our secure website.

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