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Staff Appraisals

Staff appraisals can help you get the most out of your people, and help them stay motivated and satisfied. Regular appraisals can also identify and solve issues with staff performance or happiness before they become a problem.

Yet for many small business owners and managers, remembering to do an appraisal, working out how to do one and finding the time can be really tough. citrusHR can help.

When it’s time to do staff appraisals our custom-built website provides everything you need, takes you through each step in the process and reminds you what you need to do when. There is even a guide taking you through how to do an appraisal. Our website lets you and your staff fill out the appraisal online, and stores it automatically so there’s no need to hunt for the form someone filled in and gave you a few days ago…

Our easy-to-use HR software also lets you set agreed goals for your employees and track their progress towards those goals over time. Your staff can see this, too, so there’s no more risk of them forgetting or not realising what the goals were.

We have also built in a training log, so you can store details of any training your people do. If any of your team have any Continuing Professional Education or Development (CPE or CPD) needs, you can let our software know and it will then send you a warning if someone needs to log some more training before their CPD deadline.

Doing appraisals for your team will still take some thinking, meeting and follow-up time. But with citrusHR, it will take much less time than it used to. And you should see enough improved performance from your people to make it well worth doing.

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