Scaleup support and advice from our HR experts

Scaleup support and advice from our HR experts

As companies scale up it inevitably leads to changes in your team. Companies start to add or strengthen a management team, and often need more specialists in some areas where before a non-specialist was fine. This often leads to cultural change and “growing pains”. As small business experts, we are here to provide the scaleup support that will let you work towards your goals.

Scaleup support and advice from our HR experts

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Understanding your company

Our HR experts will take the time to get to know and understand your company, so as you scaleup they will help put in place the systems, policies and advice to ensure you grow smoothly, and won’t be tripped up by people and compliance issues. Growing as a small business comes with its own set of risks, so it’s important to understand what these are and how you can mitigate them with the right scaleup support.


As you grow the last thing you want is hassle with payroll. This is why we provide payroll software, the data is already in the system and it works like a dream. You can complete a pay run seamlessly with no extra thoughts or worries. Our HMRC recognised payroll software is there to make your life easier – it even syncs with your accounting software.

Recruitment and onboarding for scaleups

Scaleups usually hire frequently and our software can help with applicant tracking and making job offers. We offer guidance and support on how you onboard new employees, to make sure the process is as smooth as possible and your new starters settle in quickly.  We can help you every step of the way helping you make better hires, with less admin time, steam lining your path to growth.

Company culture and engagement

Creating and maintaining a strong work culture is key when scaling up your business. We’ll help you create a staff handbook that ensures all your team know your vision and values and set the tone for your company culture. We’ll help you assess and track employee engagement to keep on top of any changes as they happen. As companies grow there’s a risk that staff culture can change frequently, sometimes this is necessary but it may not be a change that you want, we can help you track and address these issues.

Performance management for scaleups

Performance management is an essential yet often daunting experience for business owners and managers.  You need all of your team to be performing at a high level almost all of the time in a period of growth and we can help you achieve that by tracking goals and achievement levels through our software. You can track underperformance issues quickly to nip them in the bud. If somebody isn’t performing at a scale up, you’ll need to make a change quickly and our team can help with capability issues.

Legal compliance

Our team of HR professionals will provided you with the policies and guidance you need to make sure that you are staying legally compliant. Our HR experts are backed by our in-house legal team so you can be confident that we’ll make sure you’ve got all the correct documents in place, the last thing a growing company needs is a costly employment tribunal. We’re here to support your scaleup journey.

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