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About citrusHR – who we are, and why you should care

About Us

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Our founders have an unrivalled background with helping small businesses and charities. They still run small organisations themselves—and really understand the immense frustration that employment law and admin causes for smaller employers.

They came together to build a system which would use technology to take away most of the frustrating admin involved in employing people (holiday requests, sickness forms, keeping records up to date, making job offers and generating contracts). But at the same time they knew that there was a limit to what even fabulous HR software could deliver—and that there are times when owners and managers really want to talk to someone about their situation.

The result is citrusHR. We are really proud of it, but we know we can make it even better, and are committed to working hard to do that over the coming years. We’ll be adding more aspects to it as well as making what’s already there work even better.

I know it is a cliché, but please trust me—we really care about giving you a great service. If you ever believe you have not had great service, please email us straight away. And of course if you do like what we do, we’d love you to tell your friends.