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Safe & secure employee database

Do you store staff information spreadsheets? Lots of people do- but there is a much better way! It’s time to swap your spreadsheets and filing cabinets for an intuitive and easy to manage employee database.

Your staff data is actually far safer stored in our system, in the cloud, than it is in a filing cabinet. It’s available at the touch of a button 24/7, and you can access it from wherever you are from a tablet or mobile device.

Think of the CitrusHR employee database as a central hub for all employee information and data. Each member of staff has an employee file where you can store all information and comments about them. That includes their references, employment contract, working hours, holidays, timesheets, expenses, appraisals, pay details and any notes that you make about them.

With our system you can find what you need in moments, and will never lose it. Is it time to get your HR admin running more smoothly?

Database security

We understand that the information we store on our system is highly sensitive, and we take protecting that very seriously. We believe that the sensitive data that we store is more secure on our website than it is in the traditional physical filing cabinets which have stored this data historically.

We apply the best available commercial security standards– and review our data security regularly. We consult three independent companies, to review and test our security measures and make recommendations for improvement.

Data backup

We back our client data up daily to a server at a separate physical location from our core web host. This provides assurance that in the event of a problem at one location, for example fire or flood, we will not only be able to restore the data but also provide continuous service to clients.

We comply with EU regulations for storing personal information, and ensure that both the main server and the backup are located within the UK. This also has the advantage of making it faster to serve information to client requests.

Prevention of data theft

Data can be stolen from the location where it resides or from the journey from our server to a your computer. Our data security covers both eventualities.

Physical security

Both the main and the backup server are located in highly secure locations with 24x365 security equipment and staff. We do not disclose the location of either of these servers.

The risk from hackers

The main risk that many people worry about is “hacking.” Hackers could attempt to break into our servers and steal information. We use several measures to prevent this from happening.

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