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Easier payroll

It’s obviously really important to pay your staff the right amount at the right time.

People hate it when it is wrong– or when their bonus or payrise didn’t go on when it should have done.

But most small companies find it hard to get all that information up to date (especially from the sales department, in our experience!)

citrusHR takes all this pain away. Our software automatically calculates how much staff are due for each pay period based on their timesheets and pay rates. And it gathers all the other information which affects payroll, from changes in pay or hours, to bonus and commission, any loans or other deductions, sickness and absences.

You can review all the information for each payroll, and in one click export it to PDF or CSV file for easy sending to your payroll company.

If you use Moneysoft payroll software, you can easily import our report straight into your payroll software to cut out the risk of data entry errors, too.

Do you use Sage or Star payroll software? We will support them directly very soon, too!


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