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When you employ staff there are loads of important dates or deadlines. And with the busy lives we all lead these days, it’s really easy to forget or miss some of these – especially in a fast moving small business. And that could prove costly—perhaps a fine for employing someone whose work permit has expired, or whose qualification has just run out, for example. Or possibly a really key member of your team who is disappointed you forgot his or her birthday…

The good news is that computers are great at remembering dates, so we have included lots of HR notifications as part of our powerful HR software. So with citrusHR you need never miss another HR deadline!

Our web-based software will remind you about:

  • National Minimum Wage increases,
  • Maternity/Paternity Leave dates,
  • Work permit deadlines
  • Professional Qualification renewals and CPD needs
  • The end of Probation
  • Staff’s one and two year employment anniversaries
  • And even people’s birthdays

Our software will also warn you about other important issues—such as when a member of staff has taken more than a set number of sick days (you can select how many), or if any of your employees are paid less than the National Minimum Wage (which often happens if the Minimum Wage has just changed without you realising).

And with HR consultants available at the end of the phone, you needn’t worry if you’re getting close to an HR deadline and don’t know what to do – we’re here to help.

To find out more about how the full citrusHR service could help your small business or charity, why not get in touch with us today?

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