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1,000+ UK businesses choose citrusHR's friendly, flexible approach

We’ve made it simple to stay on top of employment law

Monthly updates

Receive regular summaries of what’s changed and how it affects you.

Auto-update employment documents

If the law changes, we’ll notify you and update your contracts and policies.


We use plain English to explain changes to employment law.

Employment law compliance is really difficult for small businesses who don’t have an HR department as employment law changes so often. These changes come from new Acts of parliament or from employment tribunal cases, which is why there are so many changes each year. Wherever the change comes from, even small employers need to comply with them.

We know that for small businesses like yours in the UK this is a real challenge. You just don’t have the time to manage everything– your business and staff, keep up to date with employment law, and implement the changes too. It’s a real issue that makes it difficult for employers to keep up with employment compliance.

We created citrus HR to help.

How does citrus HR help with employment law compliance?

As part of our citrusHR service, for every important change in employment law we prepare Legal Updates explaining in plain English (no legalese here!) just how the law has changed and how you need to react, if at all.

You can access all these updates from our website whenever you like. We know that they won’t all apply to every one of our customers, so we view it as part of our job to help you decide which ones to read. We send out an email every month with a summary of every change that month, so you can read whichever ones apply for you. And if you’re not sure, call us and discuss it with one of our consultants.

Very occasionally there might be something more urgent or important, in which case we will send an extra email out about that. We have done that just once in the last year. Recent changes to employment law have included Statutory Minimum Wage changes, Shared Parental Leave, Fit for Work, the need to consider bonus within holiday pay, and much, much more.

If any of these changes mean that we need to change our employment contracts or policies, we will do that automatically, and let you know.


HR Support for UK startups

Our friendly, flexible and cost-effective HR Support Service is here to help with all of your HR problems. Find out more about how we keep your business compliant and set you up to succeed.


Why choose our HR Support Service?


Terms that put you first

Monthly rolling contract, no lock-ins.

Personal touch

We’ll tailor everything we do to your needs.

Powerful HR software

HR that's fit for modern businesses.

Employment law experts

Our in-house legal team have decades of experience.



Running a small business is complex enough, so we’ve made our pricing structure and our terms simple and flexible.

  • No set up fees
  • No minimum contract
  • No hidden charges

How it works

£7.50 per employee


£50 flat fee

per month (plus VAT)

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We're the trusted HR partner for 1000+ UK businesses

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"I really value being able to pick up the phone whenever I need advice and speak to a friendly expert I can trust. And the software saves us huge amounts of time - essential for a busy PR agency!”

– Nick Vellacott, Highlight PR

“citrusHR have taken us through contract reviews and provided us with a fantastic staff handbook and employment documents. We’ve also found the ability to set and track employee goals within the system has really helped us to manage performance.”


– Anna Hall, Sound Financial (Case Study)

“It helps me to sleep at night knowing all our contracts and policies are compliant. And that if any issues do arise, citrusHR’s expert advisors are on hand to help us deal with them appropriately.”

– Derek Moore, Coffee & TV (Case Study)

“Having quick, easy access to expert advice has given us the reassurance that we're following the right HR procedures and our business is protected.”

– Jen Collins, The Filter

“The set up process was really easy and it was nice to know there was advice on hand whenever we needed it. The citrusHR consultant went above and beyond our expectations.”

– Matthew Squirrell, Dove and Hawk

Sara Cheeney

“I’ve been working with Citrus HR for a few years now and they have been amazing & taken all the stress out of HR. From Staff Contracts, holidays, commission structure, new legal updates, staff issues, Citrus are at the end of the phone or email to take all the stress out of employment & their online system is so easy to update, I love working with them.”

– Sara​ Cheeney, Clinic Success


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