Employment tribunal cover

Expert advice as often as you need it and support with employment tribunal cover.

We will help make sure your business is covered when employee disputes can’t be resolved.

  • Comprehensive legal cover
  • Delivered by citrus HR’s partner

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Protect your business from costly employment tribunals

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Employment tribunal insurance

We work with a broker who can arrange what we believe to be the UK’s best insurance against your costs and any settlement (or award) for employment tribunal cases. We can send you a simple form to fill in to obtain a formal quote, or can give you an approximate quote over the phone if you would like a quicker answer.

As a rough guide, a company with 15 employees earning the average national wage, and with no history of employment disputes would pay approximately £30 (inc. IPT) per month for this insurance.

How our employment tribunal insurance works

We know that some HR and employment law services build insurance into their charges. We have decided not to do that for three reasons:

  • Firstly, many of our customers do not want to pay for the insurance, and by making it available as an optional extra we make it possible not to pay for it.
  • Secondly, we have had lots of conversations with customers who have tried to claim against the insurance they were offered as part of a package from their previous HR supplier, but who have not received the payment they had expected. This was normally because the insurer required them to follow a process that they were not comfortable following.
  • Thirdly, we have found many customers who had expected the insurance to cover the costs of their dispute but were surprised to find that they still had to pay sometimes quite high bills for consultant time involved in the dispute.

We believe that the insurance cover available through Albion Legal, the broker we work with, is the best cover available in the UK. We believe that it pays out more the way you would expect it to, and without the unexpected awkward process some other insurance schemes require.

Some of our customers believe that the cost of insurance is small enough that they are very keen to take it to get the comfort of knowing that they are covered in case there is a dispute. Other customers are keen not to pay for something they expect they won’t ever need. We are happy to work with you whichever decision you make.

HR Support for UK businesses

Our friendly, flexible and cost-effective HR Support Service is here to help with all of your HR problems. Find out more about how we keep your business compliant and set you up to succeed.

Why choose our HR Support Service?

Terms that put you first

Monthly rolling contract, no lock-ins.

Personal touch

We’ll tailor everything we do to your needs.


Powerful HR software

HR that's fit for modern businesses.

Employment law experts

Our in-house legal team have decades of experience.


Running a small business is complex enough, so we’ve made our pricing structure and our terms simple and flexible.

  • No set up fees
  • No minimum contract
  • No hidden charges

How it works

£7.50 per employee


£50 flat fee

per month (plus VAT)

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