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Use citrus HR’s online software to make it simple for staff to complete timesheets, and for managers to view and approve them.

Key features

  • Designed by HR experts
  • £2.50 per employee per month
  • Rolling monthly contract (No lock-ins!)
  • Save hours on HR admin every week

10,000+ UK employees save time with citrusHR’s simple HR software

Save time on timesheets with our online HR software

Map time

Allocate time to different clients, projects or activities.

Simple approvals

Managers are notified of timesheets when they’re submitted, and can view and approve as appropriate.

Powerful reports

View how time is being spent within your business.

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Create, manage and submit timesheets online

Timesheets are essential to keep track of how long your team have worked for hourly paid and flexible-hours staff. But let’s face it, they can also be a real pain. People often don’t fill them in on time, and it can be a minor nightmare getting them approved sensibly. And after all that, someone has to calculate the wages and holiday pay due, then file all that information and over to whoever does your payroll. We know lots of small business owners who take an afternoon or evening every month just to sort all their timesheets for the month out.

We think there’s a better way. So we’ve built online timesheets into citrusHR.

We have two types of timesheet:

Simple online timesheets

For staff who just need to log the number of hours they worked in the day:

Your staff can fill in the hours they work quickly and easily online, and submit the timesheet for approval. Managers can quickly and easily see who has done what work each week, and approve or reject the timesheets.

Our system then calculates the wages, including any overtime, and also the holiday entitlement for each person, too.

Timesheets that map to client / project codes or activities

For staff who need to allocate their time to projects
These timesheets let your staff allocate time down to the minute to different clients, projects or activities.

As you’d expect, your staff can easily submit these timesheets for approval, too, and their managers can quickly review and approve or reject them online.

You can also use a stopwatch to record the exact time staff spend to a project, client and/or activity. Our consultancy, agency and project management customers find this extremely helpful.

Simple timesheet reports

We have a set of easy to use reports which crunch all the time your team have spent every which way– so you can quickly see how much time has been spent by who on the clients, projects or activities you are interested in.

Now you can stop guessing at where all the time goes, and start finding out precisely where it goes. We use this ourselves- and it is fabulous information to have!


There’s more

Our powerful HR software provides many simple, powerful ways to save you time on almost every area of day to day HR admin.

10,000+ employees save time with citrus HR

  • SustainIT
  • fibodo
  • Crimson Publishing
  • Hadlow Edwards Wealth Management

“The software is intuitive and easy to use. The staff have engaged with it quickly and really enjoy using it. It is saving everyone lots of time.”

– Roy B. SustainIT

“I love the ease of use, it’s so simple to navigate around. The visual aspect is great, it’s very inviting and the whole team like using it.”

– Michelle H. fibodo

“The whole of the company uses Citrus regularly whether to request holidays, signal time out of the office or claim expenses.”

– Andy R. Crimson Publishing

“The software is in a very easy to read format, well laid out with each part easy to access. The ability to switch between team members to update records and save documents is simple and user friendly. The team find it an extremely useful and visible tool to use to record all contract and HR matters.”

– Dominic R. Hadlow Edwards Wealth Management

Why choose our HR and Payroll software?

No long-term contracts

Monthly rolling contract, no lock-ins.


Ease of use

Designed to be intuitive and straightforward to use.

Set up in seconds

Start saving time on HR admin immediately.

Exceptional support

Our friendly Customer Service Team are on hand whenever you need them.

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