Holiday and Annual Leave Software

All of our people are entitled to annual leave but how do you effectively run holiday management?

Take the pain out of managing your team’s time-off with our online HR platform’s comprehensive holiday features.

Key features

  • Designed by HR experts
  • £2.50 per employee per month
  • Rolling monthly contract (No lock-ins!)
  • Save hours on HR admin every week

10,000+ UK employees save time with citrusHR’s simple HR software

Make managing holiday as relaxing as being on holiday

Employee self-service

Every employee can see what they’re entitled to, they’ve taken and they have remaining.

Book time-off in seconds

Holiday can be requested in no time, with managers notified for approval automatically.

Holiday Calendar

Prevent resourcing issues by seeing who’s already off at the same time.

Time Off In Lieu (TOIL)

Calculate Time Off In Lieu quickly and easily.

Long service

Set up your citrusHR account to reward long service employees with additional holiday.

Holiday Accrual Report

Calculate the value of unused holiday at the end of the financial year.

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Manage holidays and annual leave online

Do you find holiday requests and absence recording a pain? So do most people. We can help.

In fact our founders decided to create citrusHR because their old company had such a hard time keeping track of paper holiday forms and which staff had how many days’ holiday left. It can easily get out of hand!

Calculate holiday in seconds

Our software will work out how much holiday each of your staff get, even if they work part time or are on flexible hours. It will pro-rate any Bank Holidays for you. And it will keep track of any changes in allowance or hours during the holiday year, too.

It‘s even clever enough to handle both extra holiday allowance for long service, and company shutdowns, too!

Best of all, though, is that it makes it a breeze for your people to see how much holiday they have left at any time, to request time off from their manager and track who has taken what days off.

Employee leave calendar

There is a handy calendar so you can see who has booked what time off before you approve it.

Our friendly HR software makes it easy for you to carry days over to the next holiday year if you need to, or to add days off to staff in lieu of being paid for overtime.

Holiday Accrual Report

Company Law now requires companies to report on the value of any unused Holiday your staff have accrued at the end of your financial year. So we created a Holiday Accrual Report which gives you that info at the touch of a button. Sorted!

This is HR self-service at its best, saving you time to focus on running your small business- or even to let you take some time off, too. 


There’s more

Our powerful HR software provides many simple, powerful ways to save you time on almost every area of day to day HR admin.

10,000+ employees save time with citrusHR

  • SustainIT
  • fibodo
  • Crimson Publishing
  • Hadlow Edwards Wealth Management

“The software is intuitive and easy to use. The staff have engaged with it quickly and really enjoy using it. It is saving everyone lots of time.”

– Roy B. SustainIT

“I love the ease of use, it’s so simple to navigate around. The visual aspect is great, it’s very inviting and the whole team like using it.”

– Michelle H. fibodo

“The whole of the company uses Citrus regularly whether to request holidays, signal time out of the office or claim expenses.”

– Andy R. Crimson Publishing

“The software is in a very easy to read format, well laid out with each part easy to access. The ability to switch between team members to update records and save documents is simple and user friendly. The team find it an extremely useful and visible tool to use to record all contract and HR matters.”

– Dominic R. Hadlow Edwards Wealth Management

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Per employee

  • No set up fees
  • No minimum contract
  • No hidden charges
  • Add payroll for just an extra £1/mo per payslip

No payment details required.

Why choose our HR and Payroll software?

No long-term contracts

Monthly rolling contract, no lock-ins.


Ease of use

Designed to be intuitive and straightforward to use.

Set up in seconds

Start saving time on HR admin immediately.

Exceptional support

Our friendly Customer Service Team are on hand whenever you need them.

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