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HR Reports

You can get all kinds of information about your staff in just a few mouse-clicks with our HR software. You probably won’t need it most days, but if you’re anything like the small organisations we know, when you want it, you’ll want it in a hurry. citrusHR’s online software makes it easy.

Our “Dynamic report” is one of the most useful. This has four columns and you can choose what information to include in each of them from a simple dropdown menu, which means that you can get whatever information you are after really quickly. You can use this to see how many sick days each of your people has taken, how often your staff have been late (if you track that), how much their basic salary is, when they last had a pay rise or bonus, how many days’ holiday they have left this year, where they live, what their mobile numbers are…

Lots of our customers also love our Company Snapshot report. Easily the best-looking report we do, it is an infographic of your company’s employees—showing how many men and women you employ, how long people have worked for you, average salary, average sick days taken this year, and more.

But it is our Payroll report which will almost certainly save you the most time. This pulls together all the information you need to send to whoever does your payroll—covering any new joiners, anyone who has left, and any changes to the rest of your staff. This includes any bonuses and pay changes, and all the wages and holiday pay earned from any of your staff who fill out timesheets. If any of your staff have season ticket or other loans, this is automatically taken into account, too.

You can view the reports on screen, print them out, or save them as a PDF if you wish to.

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