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Paternity Leave

We are often asked about Paternity Leave, which is much more common now than it used to be. There are a number of things that all employers need to know should one of their staff become a father, or have a partner who’s expecting.

Ordinary Paternity Leave

  • This must be taken in a block of one or two weeks

  • It cannot be taken prior to the birth, but must be taken within 56 days of the birth

  • Employees taking this will be entitled to Statutory Paternity Pay if they earn more than £111 per week before tax and are employed with you on the date of the birth

  • The qualifying period for pay was removed as of April 2015

Additional Paternity Leave

This no longer exists as of 5th April 2015, and has been replaced by Shared Parental Leave.

Remember though…

Someone on Paternity Leave is likely to be covered by the same laws relating to equality and discrimination as pregnant women. Therefore, be careful not to discriminate against someone who has taken time off to care for their child.

How we can help

  • Call us for advice from our fully qualified HR consultants

  • We have written a Management Guide covering all aspects of Paternity Leave

  • Our HR Software can store details of Paternity Leave taken by your staff

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