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Staff inductions

A poor employee induction can be costly, it could mean your employee doesn’t stay long, or even reach their full potential, meaning you’ll have to pay to recruit someone new. Furthermore, if an accident happened, and someone was seriously injured, the HSE would expect to see your Health & Safety Induction documents, and proof that you’ve shown them to the employee.

How to do an employee induction

There’s a common way to deliver an employee induction that we’ve mapped out here, just to make it that bit easier for you:

  • Make sure you’re available to welcome the new employee when they arrive.

  • Show them the premises, introducing them to colleagues as you walk around.

  • Spend time with them, or get someone else from the office to, going through the key elements (you may need to split it over a couple of days):

    • Document check to ensure they have a right to work in the UK
    • Provide the contract of employment
    • Housekeeping
    • Introduction to the company
    • Health & Safety
    • Adjusting their display screen equipment and sitting position
    • Employee’s role and responsibilities
    • Standards of work
    • HR processes

  • Ask them to sign the induction checklist, if you have one

  • Put into place any essential training. This could include Manual Handling skills, for example.

  • You may want the new employee to shadow a colleague in the same department, so they can see how your company works

  • Think about any simple tasks the employee can be getting on with first, and see what on-the-job training they may need

  • Do give your employee the room to ask questions, and even make mistakes. If you provide a supportive and constructive environment they may well become more effective, more quickly.

Key information you need from new starters

First off you’ll need to ensure that they have a right to work in the UK:

  • Obtain the right documents from staff to confirm their identity, and immigration status if necessary

  • Check that the documents are genuine

  • Copy the documents for your records

You will then need to confirm a couple of other important details with the staff member:

  • Their bank details – so you can pay them!

  • Their next of kin – for Health & Safety reasons in case you need to contact a member of their family

Managing staff in the early days

As part of your induction programme, you should be able to communicate what you expect of your new hire effectively. And as such follow the below steps to ensure that as part of the induction process you are continually ensuring that they are working for your company – whilst still in their probation period:

  • Monitor their performance regularly, to help them give feedback as well as ensure they are doing well.

  • Keep notes of these conversations, so you can refer back to these in future to help.

  • If you have serious concerns bring them in for a formal probation review sooner rather than later.

How we can help

Our HR support service for small business is ideal for those looking to get a handle on their induction processes. We provide induction checklists, new employee forms, and even templates for Health and Safety induction training. With expert advice from fully qualified HR consultants over the phone should you need it, as well as powerful HR software to guide you so you don’t miss the most important steps, you will be giving your new employee the best start in your business.

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