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Staff appraisals

Appraisals can be loved or loathed, really worthwhile or a total waste of paper. Here at citrusHR we believe that appraisal are worthwhile, but like most things we think they have been hugely over complicated.

Our view is that the appraisal is a great tool, where by you stop the day to day, and sit down and focus on one employee for 1-2 hours (This can be once a year, or more frequently). It is really about giving them your time and attention, giving them feedback and listening to them.
In its simplest for it should cover;

  • What went well

  • What could have been better

  • Where do we need/want to get to

  • How are we going to do that

We’d try and get you to encourage the employee to be talking for at least 60% of the meeting, so that they feel like it is their appraisal.

Don’t focus on the negatives but certainly don’t shy away from them, address how you’d like performance to improve and give constructive feedback. Then use their input to talk positively about plans for the future, and how you can both improve things.

Appraisal tips

Try to follow these main points during an appraisal process:

  • Make the appraisal count – telling staff members they’re a great employee isn’t that helpful, whereas telling them why they are certainly is.

  • Follow it up – If you have agreed goals and actions, on both sides, make sure you check on whether they have been carried out.

  • Don’t disturb – make sure you carry out the appraisal in a private space that cannot be overheard.

  • Don’t surprise the employee – tackle poor performance as it happens, don’t save it all up for the appraisal process, and chat regularly outside of the appraisals process too.

  • Don’t keep comments just for the appraisals process – foster open communication

How we can help

With our HR support service, we offer help with appraisals and much more. Our HR software provides a dedicated appraisals module, including the ability to set and track goals. Plus you’ll have access to HR consultants over the phone to help you with any questions you may have on appraisals, handling performance improvement and giving feedback.

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