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Ambitious startups

Starting a business is incredibly hard. You’ve got to get your product or service right and persuade people to change their behaviour to start to buy from you. And you need to know about marketing, sales, service, finance. On top of all that, if your young business needs to take on employees, there’s a whole lot more you need to know and do.

And if you decide to wing it to begin with, you’re at risk of financial penalties which could literally cost thousands of pounds if you get something wrong.

We can help.

How our service can help with HR for startups

In short, we can give you everything you need when you first take on staff, with our HR for startups including:

1 – Employment contracts and policies: we will provide you with appropriate employment contracts, a complete Staff Handbook (employment policies) and even a set of forms and checklists.

2 – HR advice when you need it with unlimited access to HR consultants over the phone and a series of guides to help you with everything from hiring to firing.

3 – HR admin support- including holiday calculations, appraisals, timesheets, and more – made easy with powerful web-based HR software designed by us for UK small businesses and startups.

4 – Keeping you legal. Employment law changes frequently; we will keep on top of these changes, send you legal updates, and let you know if any of them are important for you. Our system will also send you warnings if you pay less than minimum wage, for example, or if one of your employee’s work permit runs out.

We’re the only HR service to offer all this for startups in the UK. And the costs start at just £50 per month +VAT. Better still, there are no long contracts—you are free to cancel without penalty whenever you wish.

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