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It is much harder for a small business to stay up to date and in compliance with employment law than it is for larger organisations, which have HR departments to do that. At most small businesses it will be the owner or Financial Controller or Office Manager who is told to look after HR issues on top of all their other duties.

It takes an enormous amount of time to find out what is changing and how it affects your small company. Of course, that is why HR services exist. And there are lots to choose from, including huge national companies and small local consultants. But lots of small businesses don’t like these options. Some find them too expensive, others find the national firms too impersonal, while lots don’t like having to sign a contract to pay hundreds of pounds a month for one, three or more years.

So it is not all that surprising that recent research showed lots of small businesses try to “wing it” without getting any HR support at all. Yet sadly that is a much braver choice than most small businesses realise. There are lots of employment laws today which could cost even small businesses literally many thousands of pounds in penalties or damages if they get it wrong, which is easy to do. They aren’t all obvious. One recent case saw a small firm near Manchester have to pay out about £16,000 to someone who had applied to them for a job but not been offered one because their advert wasn’t worded differently. That sort of cost shows the danger of not getting the right HR support.

citrusHR was launched to offer a fresh approach, specifically to help small businesses in the UK with HR support.

How we can help with HR for small business

  1. We offer full support on employment contracts and policies, as you would expect.
  2. Our fully qualified, friendly HR consultants can advise on any other HR issue you might have.
  3. We charge affordable rates that are easy to predict precisely.
  4. We don’t lock you in with long contracts—our customers pay us monthly in advance and are free to cancel whenever they like.
  5. We keep track of all changes to employment law, publish clear guides to all the changes which might affect our customers, and let you know in one short monthly email enough to decide if you need to spend time looking at any of them- so you can relax, knowing we’ve got you covered.
  6. We have developed our own web-based software with all kinds of tools to save you time on HR admin and let you know about key dates or issues in advance with enough time to sort them out before they become a problem. This is designed with small businesses in mind and is really friendly and easy to learn and use.
  7. We have a large and growing set of Management Guides which explain clearly how all aspects of employing people work in small businesses, covering everything from hiring to firing and everything in between.

But our fresh approach to HR for small businesses goes much deeper than that. We love small businesses at citrusHR. In fact we go further than anyone else and make it very clear that we don’t want to work with large companies. We know that the HR support and advice a large company needs is quite different to the advice small businesses need. Our entire service has been built to make small businesses’ lives easier.

Who uses citrusHR for their small business?

Almost all our customers are small businesses! (The rest are small charities). Here are just some:

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