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Growing a business is hard. We know your main focus is on product development, growing sales and looking after your customers. Managing your team is key to successful growth. We can help.

How an HR service can help you grow your business

It’s mainly about time and focus. You need to be able to focus on growing your company. To do that you need to be freed from the stuff which so often gets in the way. Lots of HR issues come into that category—and we can take care of it, knowing that we will let you know if something changes that you need to know about.

Firstly, we’ll make sure that you have an up to date set of employment contracts and policies that are right for your business. And we’ll keep them up to date for you.

Secondly, we free up your managers. Our software will remind them of key dates for their direct reports, too. And when your company is hiring new people, our software will save you time with formal job offers, contracts and inductions.

Thirdly, we can help you build your team. It is common for growing companies to need different skills as they grow—initially companies need managers who can cover wider areas; as they grow, they often need more specialists in certain areas. These transitions can be hard to define and spot. Our consultants can advise and help you steer a path to growth.

Our web-based HR software can also help—by using goal tracking you can quickly see who is performing to expectations, and who is not. And our reports make it easy to track all kinds of staff metrics. This helps you make objective, performance-based decisions as you grow.

Holiday and absence planning, requests and tracking is probably the area where we will save the most admin time. And our customers tell us how much their staff feel empowered by having online access to this and their other HR information.

Growing a business often comes with growing pains. We can’t address some of it—but we can take some of that pain away.

That’s why lots of fast growing businesses use citrusHR.

Who uses citrusHR to help with HR when growing their business?

Companies like Receipt Bank, Peloton Design, SITM, DEG Signal, and Prelude all use citrusHR to help with their HR. Giving them access to all the employment documents they need, friendly HR advice from qualified consultants over the phone, and helping them to save valuable time using our powerful custom-built HR software.

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