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A powerful set of tools to help manage GDPR requirements

HR Privacy Notice

Show your employees the data you collect about them.

Data Protection Policy

Clearly outline your approach to storing and sharing data.

Data Security Policy

Set out how data should be managed within your business.

Data Breach Notification Policy

Explain what your team should do if a data breach occurs.

Automatic Data Deletion

Automatically delete employee records in compliance with your Data Retention Policy.

HR Data Retention Policy

Create a customised data-retention policy and share it with your staff.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives your staff the right to know what is being stored about them and why; the right to see it; and in some circumstances the right to object to the processing of their data and the right to be forgotten/erased.

At citrusHR our mission is to make complying with employment and related law much easier for employers, so we have created a comprehensive, joined-up set of tools to help our customers navigate this important and potentially confusing new set of rules. The aim is to save you substantial time and stress.

This new set of tools is available as part of our comprehensive HR service. For detailed information, please read this .pdf guide to our GDPR services and software. For a summary of what we offer, just keep reading below.

Software Tools for GDPR Compliance

These new features save customers time and stress in managing and providing access to staff records, as well as demonstrating compliance.

  • HR Privacy Notice
    Create an electronic HR Privacy Notice that sets out the employee information that you store.
  • Proof of Reading
    Automatically record who has and hasn’t read the HR Privacy Notice. Audit and demonstrate compliance with easy reports.
  • HR Record of Processing
    Generate a report showing what data you store and process on behalf of your staff.
  • HR Data Retention Policy
    Create a customised data-retention policy and share it with your staff.
  • Automatic Data Deletion
    Automatically delete employee records in compliance with your Data Retention Policy.
  • Subject Access Requests
    Make it simple to show your staff the information you store about them.
  • Regular Reviews and Updates
    We will update our tools in-line with changes in the law and communicate the impact of these changes to our customers.

HR Services for GDPR Compliance

As well as software tools, we also provide customers with employment documents that meet the new requirements set out by GDPR.

  • A Data Security Policy for staff
    This explains the security measures you and your staff need to take to keep personal data secure at work. It covers your company’s approach to passwords, use of mobile phones and laptops, and where you are willing to let your staff store any personal data they need.
  • A Data Protection Policy
    Sometimes called a Privacy Standard, this details of the types of personal data your company may collect, how you will apply the GDPR principles to the use, storage and retention of that data, and how you expect staff to follow those principles, covering collection, use and retention. It will normally also contain details about a data subject’s rights in relation to that data.
  • A Data Breach Notification Policy
    This explains what you or your team will need to do if you suspect a breach has happened, and how to do it. It should cover internal notifications and how to decide whether to notify the ICO and/or the individuals concerned.
  • Employment Contracts
    For all new staff joining the business from now on we will provide updated Employment Contracts in line with GDPR.
  • Help and FAQs
    We have published answers to all kinds of frequently asked questions about GDPR for HR, and we are happy to discuss your needs over the phone, too. (Though we are sorry, we don’t offer advice about GDPR for marketing or any other non-staff areas.)


Our Commitment to Our Customers

The ICO define us as a Data Processor for our customers because we hold your employee data within our software. As such, we are required to store your data securely. We take this very seriously and our approach is reflected in our Privacy Policy and Customer Terms of Service.


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"I really value being able to pick up the phone whenever I need advice and speak to a friendly expert I can trust. And the software saves us huge amounts of time - essential for a busy PR agency!”

– Nick Vellacott, Highlight PR

“citrusHR have taken us through contract reviews and provided us with a fantastic staff handbook and employment documents. We’ve also found the ability to set and track employee goals within the system has really helped us to manage performance.”


– Anna Hall, Sound Financial (Case Study)

“It helps me to sleep at night knowing all our contracts and policies are compliant. And that if any issues do arise, citrusHR’s expert advisors are on hand to help us deal with them appropriately.”

– Derek Moore, Coffee & TV (Case Study)

“Having quick, easy access to expert advice has given us the reassurance that we're following the right HR procedures and our business is protected.”

– Jen Collins, The Filter

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