Employee, worker or self-employed?

Making a new hire? Unsure if a contractor is actually an employee?

Growing and scaling-up your small business can be a very exciting but overwhelming time. We speak to hundreds of customer on a regular basis who are doing just that and it often starts with a new hire.

But there can be a lot of HR admin that comes with taking on a new hire and adding to your team, with a lot of fine print and important things to get right before they come onboard.

Employment status is one of the important things to get right. You’ll need to know what’s what what taking on a new hire so that they have the right contract type, know what hours they are expected to work, when they will be paid, how much.. The list goes on.

If you are questioning the employment status if your new hire, try our speedy quiz to help you work it out.

Still unsure after doing the employment status check? You can also use our resources here, that have some great information about how to distinguish between an employee, contractor and other job roles: