Making light work of rota planning

Our Deputy and citrus HR integration allows our customers to manage their team’s schedules in Deputy and easily view and sync data right from the citrus HR dashboard.

QuickBooks Integration

Rotas and schedules, all managable from one place.

Simple set up

Connect your company Deputy account with your citrus HR dashboard via a drop-down menu in seconds.

Track all your people’s time

Track your team’s time and plan ahead without the need for time-consuming rota planning.

Centralised communication

Everything you need to manage your team’s shift patterns from one place.

HR and people scheduling, in one simple dashboard

citrus HR and Deputy have come together to create a powerful answer to all of your HR and people scheduling needs.

Now, small businesses can manage all of their HR activity, including leave, absences, performance and much more, alongside powerful scheduling software. 

How can the integration help me?

  • Syncs approved timesheets instantly from Deputy to citrus HR
  • Access all data about timesheets and schedules in each employee file on citrus HR
  • Integrates with citrus HR payroll and displays detail on payslips
  • Syncs new starters and leavers from citrus to Deputy
  • It makes it quicker and easier to calculate holiday and absence allowance


What is Deputy?

More than 320,000 businesses internationally use Deputy to manage their teams’ time. Designed to help businesses manage their staff more efficiently, give teams an easy way to track their shifts, and free up time for people to focus on what’s important to them, the citrus HR and Deputy integration means you can do all of this and much more in one place. 

Deputy allows you to:

  • Create schedules in minutes
  • Effortlessly track employee hours
  • Manage everything through the mobile app
  • Make schedule changes and manage shift-swaps
  • Reconcile timesheets
  • Communicate tasks to your team

Making HR admin a breeze for small UK businesses

  • SustainIT
  • fibodo
  • Crimson Publishing
  • Hadlow Edwards Wealth Management

“The software is intuitive and easy to use. The staff have engaged with it quickly and really enjoy using it. It is saving everyone lots of time.”
– Roy B. SustainIT
“I love the ease of use, it’s so simple to navigate around. The visual aspect is great, it’s very inviting and the whole team like using it.”
– Michelle H. fibodo
“The whole of the company uses Citrus regularly whether to request holidays, signal time out of the office or claim expenses.”
– Andy R. Crimson Publishing
“The software is in a very easy to read format, well laid out with each part easy to access. The ability to switch between team members to update records and save documents is simple and user friendly. The team find it an extremely useful and visible tool to use to record all contract and HR matters.”
– Dominic R. Hadlow Edwards Wealth Management

HR Software 


Per employee

  • No set up fees
  • No minimum contract
  • No hidden charges
  • Add payroll for just an extra £1/mo per payslip

No payment details required.

Why choose our HR and Payroll software?

No long-term contracts

Monthly rolling contract, no lock-ins.


Ease of use

Designed to be intuitive and straightforward to use.

Set up in seconds

Start saving time on HR admin immediately.

Exceptional support

Our friendly Customer Service Team are on hand whenever you need them.

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