Cracking the code: Unlocking Payroll and Payments 

 Webinar: Thursday 5th October at 11AM

We know how hard accountants work to get payroll and payments right for their clients. This is why citrus HR and Telleroo have combined forces – to make your life easier.

citrus HR Partner Executive Sophia James and Telleroo’s Head of Growth & Partnerships Kayleigh Graham will explain exactly how our new integration works, and how much time it will save you.

We’re also fortunate enough to have guest speaker Paul Barnes (Managing Director Cloud Accounting Support Services) explaining how his bookkeeping business has benefited from using both of these systems.

So, what can you expect to learn in this digital seminar? 

1. Kick-off: Paint the Picture
We’ll start by sharing some of the common challenges accountants face when it comes to payroll and client payments.

2. Show and Tell: Telleroo + citrus HR in Action
Next up, we’ll dive into the nitty-gritty of both systems and show how they dance together seamlessly.

3. Paul’s Expertise: Thoughts on the Integration
Our guest speaker, Paul Barnes, is the managing director of Cloud Accounting Support Services. As a user of both citrus HR and Telleroo, Paul is perfectly positioned to talk about the integration.

4. Let’s Chat: Q&A Session
We’ll wrap things up with an interactive Q&A where attendees can ask Paul any questions and get further insight

Your hosts are:

Meet the team


Partner Account Executive at citrus HR

Sophia is responsible for building and nurturing relationships with citrus HR’s Partner companies. She works closely with accountancy firms, HR consultants, law firms and business advisers – helping them to support their clients.



Meet the team


Head of Growth & Partnerships at Telleroo

With her extensive knowledge of the accounting and finance sectors, Kayleigh has become a well-respected thought leader in the field and regularly shares her insights and expertise through her columns and speaking engagements.

Meet the team


Managing Director of Cloud Accounting Support Services

Paul has decades of experience working with businesses and fellow accountants to implement systems to improve workflows. He is extremely process driven and is always looking at technology and automation to improve efficiency.