Tara Rowberry-Duignan

HR Consultant

hr consultant

Why I Do My Job

I love working with citrusHR because of the diversity of the businesses we work with, no two business need the same thing from us and the solution is never the same. I’m in HR because I like what it can deliver when things go right, and the problems it can solve when things go wrong.

My Funniest HR Experience

I once went to a meeting with my boss with some managers we hadn’t met before.  While doing the usual ‘meet and greet’ my boss gave one of the managers an especially firm and enthusiastic handshake. It was only when he screamed and recoiled that we realised he was the employee with broken fingers - we were meeting to discuss his absence!!

What keeps me going when things get tough

The people I work with, both my colleagues and our customers. I’m really lucky to be working with very like minded HR people so we can always find our way through when things feel tough and have a laugh or two along the way.  Apart from being a bit of a caffine addict, in the tiny space between work and family life, you are most likely to find me in the garden covered in mud wondering whether what I’m digging up is friend or foe.
hr consultant review
During my recent acquisition of another business, Tara's advice, support, and rapid turnaround on documents meant that I was able to focus on other areas of the transaction, safe in the knowledge that the personnel side of things was under control. I can honestly say that had it not been for Tara’s help, I would have been far more reticent about the acquisition, and may not have pursued it.

Phil Battrick, SITM