Sarah Slater

HR Consultant

hr consultant

Why I Do My Job

I love not knowing what's coming next. Also having such a range of clients and learning about their business and understanding how I can best support them. I really do feel of value and that my involvement makes a difference. Usually I am supporting my clients when they are needing to deal with some quite difficult situations concerning their staff, and to feel trusted and respected when making some very difficult decisions is reward in itself.

What I did before

Prior to becoming an HR Consultant, I worked for British Airways in Operations & Customer Services at Heathrow. As a Customer Service Manager in Terminal 4, I became very involved with Health & Safety and Trade Union negotiations. This led to my interest and knowledge evolving in the HR arena. During this time, I took my CIPD (HR) qualifications that then enabled me to pursue a full blown career in Human Resources both as an HR Manager in the corporate world and then as an HR Consultant, which is where I am today.

What keeps me going when things get tough

Having confidence and belief in myself, and a level of trust from the number of years experience that I have -  and all of the knowledge and skills that I have gained along the way. Being well organised, knowledgeable that I am using the best and most appropriate approach to the given situation and that I have good support around me. I also have a loving dog, oh and I shouldn't forget a very supportive family! There's also nothing that a good G&T or glass of wine can't solve!
hr consultant review
I met Sarah and Georgina while seeking help on the HR side for my company and it was an immediate sparkle – they are reliable, confident and knowledgeable – the end result was an up to date and made to measure HR pack for my employees and for Scoop, all of the above at the blink of an eye – Citrus HR is highly recommended

Matteo Pantani