Sarah Slater

HR Consultant

hr consultant

Why I Do My Job

I love not knowing what's coming next. Also having such a range of clients and learning about their business and understanding how I can best support them.

My Funniest HR Experience

I really can't think of one that's not rude, I guess originally coming from a Customer Services background I am used to the weird and wonderful things that people do. I’m not easily shocked, but when I was called to hear a disciplinary case about 2 members of staff who got a little too amorous over a large beer barrel, outside, in the freezing cold, for all to see looking out of the window at a work Christmas party it was slightly embarrassing for all of us. Needless to say a Company email was issued before the next party came around!

What keeps me going when things get tough

Having confidence and belief in myself, and a level of trust from the number of years experience that I have -  and all of the knowledge and skills that I have gained along the way. I also have a loving dog, oh and I shouldn't forget a very supportive family! There's also nothing that a good G&T or glass of wine can't solve!
hr consultant review
I met Sarah and Georgina while seeking help on the HR side for my company and it was an immediate sparkle – they are reliable, confident and knowledgeable – the end result was an up to date and made to measure HR pack for my employees and for Scoop, all of the above at the blink of an eye – Citrus HR is highly recommended

Matteo Pantani