Kirsty Senior

Director & Co-Founder

hr consultant

Why I Do My Job

HR is far from glamorous and often means we’re dealing with the stuff no one else wants to, but in most scenarios we’re helping someone solve a problem, and when you are dealing directly with the business owners who have grown their business from scratch there is nothing more satisfying. We’re also educating and improving how staff are managed which is really rewarding and fascinating when you see the turn around.

My Funniest HR Experience

I will never forget the day when an over enthusiastic employee representative presented a response to a disciplinary case proudly quoting various pieces of legislation and case law telling me how flawed and incompetent the HR team had been. I did take I tiny bit of pleasure in explaining that none of the response points were relevant as they were all referring to US law. I have to say I did feel a bit sorry for the employee who had obviously been told by their representative that they had a really strong case.

What keeps me going when things get tough

Gin mostly, but aside from that having a laugh with clients and colleagues about the mad things that people still do at work expecting not to get caught. My family who constantly remind me that actually other things are more important and I don’t have to be attached to my emails every second of the day. My business partner who is my opposite in so many ways yet scarily similar in others  but always at the end of the phone when I need a really good rant.
hr consultant review
Kirsty's wealth of knowledge and experience within the field of HR was evident from our initial conversations. She is approachable and willing to share her expertise in order to enhance the performance and productivity of others and is obviously passionate about the focus of her work. I have been consistently impressed by her thorough and diligent approach.

Paul Walker, WM Promus