HR Support

We know that being surrounded by the right team, who understand your business challenges is critical to your business growth.  For us to help you, you have to trust us enough to be able to tell us everything, even when it means admitting doing something ‘not quite by the book’.

Whatever the challenge, our experienced HR consultants have probably ‘been there, done it or seen it’ and we can help dig you out of a hole, or preferably save you from falling into it in the first place!

We only engage consultants who have proven experience across a number of industries, and we train them to ensure they understand the challenges you face.  Our aim is to make good HR consultants accessible to the small business, at an affordable cost.

Just a few of the areas that we can support you in are:-

Absence Management

We know how painful the cost of sickness absence can be to the small business, and how covering your team’s absence can take you away from pursuing your business goals. Whether you have an employee that you suspect who is taking advantage,  or  one who has a genuine health condition that your finding difficult to manage, we’ll guide you, either over the phone, or in person to reach a fair outcome.

Disciplinary and Grievance

All dismissals, disciplinary warnings, and many grievances require a formal investigation documenting the evidence, and making sensible conclusions.  Our consultants will give you an objective opinion on any case, at any stage of the process.  Some of our clients prefer us to take the case off their hands altogether by carrying out an independent investigation and making recommendations.  Others prefer to do it themselves, with us guiding them at the end of the phone.  Whatever suit you best, we’ll adapt our approach to fit with your working preference and culture.

We’ve dealt with more investigations than we’d all like to admit, and they vary from fraud and theft, to bullying and sexual harassment. If we undertake the investigation for you, we’ll meet with witnesses, take statements, look through email accounts or CCTV, and you’ll be presented with a professional pack of facts and summary report to help you decide on your next steps. There are enough of us to also ensure that if you want it, a consultant can support you at each step of the process.


Equality legislation has been expanding for years, for most situations, a common sense approach, treating staff fairly and equally will suffice, however for some staff who have disabilities or dependant responsibilities you may be required to treat staff ‘more favourably’.  So it’s really important you get realistic, practical advice about what steps to take to ensure you are legally compliant.  Even if morally often you feel you’ve taken the ‘right approach’, there are legal time frames that you need to comply with, and if you miss them, it could go against you if the issue later developed into a formal dispute.

We can work with you to help you get what you need. Please give us a call to discuss more 0844 854 6704 or e-mail us:

citrushr review
Since engaging the services of CitrusHR Consulting, we have found them to be an invaluable resource. As small business owners, it is extremely reassuring to know that their expert support and guidance is available whenever we need it. They offer clear professional advice, delivered in a clear professional manner. Highly recommended!

Catherine Frost, TVM Cheltenham