Company Change

Whether you are moving premises, changing terms of employment or just need to have a bit of a reshuffle, change can be tough.  People like routines and any change can be disruptive so wherever we can we help you do it with minimal fuss.

Restructuring/Redundancy –You may have one post that is no longer needed , or a whole team that you need to ‘let go’, we’ll give you the words you need to deliver the bad news, the process to tick the legal requirements, and the pace to ensure disruption to your business and staff morale is kept to an absolute minimum.

Buying/Selling a business – This is a stressful and emotional time for any business owner, and we’re afraid there are some tough legal boxes that must be ticked in the process.  Specifically in employment law, if you are transferring staff from one business to another TUPE (Transfer of Undertaking, Protection of Earnings) legislation is likely to apply.  This is a complex piece of legislation, we’ll make a daunting process, feel simple and safe.  Over the years we have supported hundreds of business achieve successful business acquisitions.

Changing contracts– Often people see the contract of employment as set in stone, but there are times when for a variety of reasons it needs to change. This could be altering bonus or commission schemes, changing hours of work to include on call or just amending some contractual wording. Whatever the change chances are you’ll need to follow a consultation process which we’ll walk you through.

citrushr review
During my recent acquisition of another business, Tara's advice, support, and rapid turnaround on documents meant that I was able to focus on other areas of the transaction, safe in the knowledge that the personnel side of things was under control.

Phil Battrick, Managing Director