Get guidance when it comes to business reorganisation

Get guidance when it comes to business reorganisation

Business reorganisation can be a daunting but necessary prospect, we’re here to make sure you have all the support that you need to make the right choices for your business.


Get guidance when it comes to business reorganisation

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What is a business reorganisation?

There are many ways for businesses to respond to new challenges, and one way that this can be achieved is by changing the structure of your company; in HR this is often called business reorganisation. This could happen in a variety of ways, you might relocate the company, or perhaps close a department. Whichever way you choose to reorganise your company, we’re here to help guide you through the process.

Manage the risks associated with business reorganisation

We can provide HR advice which will help keep your business safe from the risks associated with a reorganisation, which can be anything from financial loss to a dip in employee morale. Our HR experts will be able to guide you through any issues that may occur whilst you restructure your business.

Reorganisation for a small business

Reorganisation can present a unique challenge for small businesses, who are often operating with much smaller staff levels which can make them less resilient to big changes. As a small business ourselves, we take pride in knowing the ins and outs of small business reorganisation. Our HR experts will help you tackle your reorganisation with the care and speed that is needed to make the changes sustainable.

How we can help with your business reorganisation:

  • Helping you create a new structure for your business
  • Planning the formal processes required to deliver that structure
  • Highlighting key roles and advising on new job description
  • Helping with redundancy processes where these are required
  • Advising on recruitment to fill any gaps
  • Helping with communicating with your staff

Taking some of the stress out of dismissals

We understand that dismissals can sometimes be a part of restructuring, and it’s important that you feel able to make decisions for the best of your business. We know that this can have a potentially negative effect on the employees that you keep – they may feel insecure about their positions, or may be unhappy about losing some of their colleagues (this can be felt even more in a small business.)

Our helpful HR experts will be able to help guide you through these challenging conversations with both those directly and indirectly affected. We want you to feel confident in addressing this situation, so that you can instil this confidence in your employees.

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"citrus HR is now thoroughly embedded in our accounting business. Staff can access their own records and it makes it easy to be really transparent. This really fits in with our company values and I get feedback from staff all the time about this being important to them.”

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“The clients we have introduced to citrus HR are delighted. It adds great value to the offering we give our clients.”

Nathan Keely, Carpenter Box

“A valuable addition to our service, which blends seamlessly with our core accountancy business.”

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“citrus HR as a value-added service has now become a matter of course for us at Redstone.”

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