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How often should you conduct staff appraisals? 
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The argument for regular appraisals (and happier staff).

The United Nations World Happiness Report in 2017 found that the work we do makes us happy, (and can on the flipside, make us rather unhappy). The report found the deciding factors were; how well managed our jobs are, and if we feel secure in them.  

Evolving workforce = evolving processes

It’s true that HR processes are evolving, especially with affordable HR software to streamline those processes and decrease the associated workloads. We all know the workforce is changing – by 2020, 50% of the workforce will be Millennials. The salary and title that used to matter, matters less to this demographic, they’re more concerned with purpose and making a difference. The nature of work is changing to boot (think gig economy and flexitime), but many HR practices are still based on what has worked in the past.

With tools such as HR software now available to easily and more efficiently manage employees, could it be time to re-think the out-of-date “annual appraisal”? Instead opting for a more forward thinking and dynamic approach that employees really want. Giving regular feedback has proven to be more effective in creating a feeling of security for employees, lowering staff turnover and its associated costs.  Appraisals done well are also a big step towards establishing one of those “well-managed” environments that the World Happiness Report pinpointed as vital for staff to thrive and engagement to increase.

You’d be forgiven for not putting employee happiness at the top of your “to do” list, there may seem to be plenty other more urgent and tangible issues to take care of. But think of it as creating a solid platform on which to build. Happy, engaged employees create a great rep for the brand, retain customers and convert new business that is the key to growth.

What is an appraisal?

An appraisal is a valuable opportunity to spend time reviewing your staff’s performance and contribution to the business. It’s an opportunity to motivate them and refocus their efforts, or, if needed, to highlight areas where they need to improve performance.
Giving regular feedback can make an annual review feel like less of an ordeal. It can bolster an employees’ sense of their value and inclusion in the business, simply by way of regularised communication and a small window of time when you entirely focus on them and their role. We’re social creatures by nature and feeling part of something bigger than ourselves is a life hack to happiness.
To go a step further, Adobe did a survey about annual reviews and found that a whopping 52% of employees were shocked at the feedback they received, 37% felt resentful to their managers afterwards and 22% were very upset. To avoid this scenario, scheduling regular appraisals or at least being mindful to give regular feedback (as well as an annual review) can help everyone

[tick]Stay on the same page [/tick]
[tick]Leave nothing swept under the rug[/tick]
[tick]Feel connected to the shared goal  [/tick]

Along with helping you identify areas for development and training (good for your biz), and helping you get to know your employees a bit better (good for your team). If you can establish what they want from their job and what their personal goals are, coupled with knowing the business and its capabilities, you should be able to find a sweet spot that serves you both.

*round of applause for the super managers* 

With all this in mind, citrusHR software has an online appraisal feature that we have recently updated to accommodate 3 monthly intervals. When activated, the appraisals system allows you to set a frequency for your appraisals that will automatically update for all your staff. Everyone can prepare, reminders make sure you won’t forget and it’s all organised and planned in a jiffy.

If you’d like a helping hand with how to go about staff appraisals, please check out our “how to” guide here >>

If you’d like to hear or even see how HR software could benefit your business please email us on help@citrusHR.com or call us on 0344 4440165 and we’ll be happy to give you a demo or schedule a demo at a time that works for you. 

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