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Payroll is a central function to any business. It’s crucial of course, but the monthly process can also be time consuming and fiddly – not a great combination when your precious time could be spent growing your business.

It goes without saying your employees will expect to be paid on time and the correct amount, and the legal obligations you face as an employer to ensure the correct amount of tax is paid, pensions and other details are correct makes payroll feel like a bit of a minefield.

Without a reliable payroll process or system in place you run the risk of demotivating your people, missing important deadlines or potential legal penalties if your processes aren’t legally compliant – not to mention the undue stress you could experience if things go wrong and the time it could take to fix costly errors.

There are so many things to think about, employee details, HMRC deadlines, new starters, the list is endless – and in a small business, it’s likely this list only adds to another very long list of things you’re responsible for.


Other considerations that will impact your monthly payroll might be:

  • Pay increases or changes to employment contracts
  • Changes to national living wage
  • Pension schemes and the opting in or out process
  • Legislation around payslips and how they are processed


It can feel overwhelming – and the consequences are huge.

It’s also worth remembering the human side of payroll, and how errors or missed dates might impact your people.

Removing the risk of errors to your people’s pay is one way to ensure they remain engaged and feel valued by you as an employer. In a small business it’s likely your people will have some idea about the financial position of the company, or at least more of an idea than in a much larger organisation. When payroll goes wrong or is incorrect your employees will not only be under stress in relation to their own financial position, but may start to question the stability of the business which could negatively impact morale, performance and the collaborative company culture you’ve worked so hard to achieve. It also impacts on trust, and if your people don’t trust that they’ll be paid on time they may start to look elsewhere – creating a whole new list of admin for you to keep things ticking over.

Making sure your payroll system is robust and reliable is a sure-fire way to ensure this doesn’t happen. Every pair of hands counts in a small business, and keeping your people engaged and motivated is crucial to you achieving your business goals. You can read more about how to keep your team motivated here.



Payroll can be hugely time consuming, and getting all the details correct is vital to the process. Spreadsheets and complex payroll systems will only add to the time drain – not to mention that running payroll is a task that needs to be completed at least once a month depending on your employee’s pay frequency. The importance of payroll and the risk if things go wrong make payroll a bit of a pain, but it needn’t be.


citrus HR’s easy to use payroll software makes light work of running your payroll – in fact, you can run your payroll in the same time it takes to make a cup of tea! Built in tools spot errors before they happen, giving you peace of mind that details are accurate.


Picture this: an easy-to-use payroll software that integrates seamlessly with Xero and QuickBooks, meaning your time and efforts don’t need to be duplicated in multiple places. Add to that that our payroll software sits within our HR software dashboard removing any potential human error when transferring details from one system to another and you are onto a winner. Our software can help you calculate holiday pay for leavers, redundancy payments and average weekly earnings, all built in.


And the best bit – you can switch your payroll to citrus HR at anytime regardless of the time of year – so you aren’t constrained to tax year deadlines if you are thinking about switching.


We know how painful running payroll can be – which is exactly why we’ve developed this software with small businesses in mind to make it as painfree as possible. We also know how daunting switching payroll providers can seem, but you aren’t alone. Our customer support team are at the end of the phone to support you through the entire process, so you can rest easy knowing payroll is one less thing to worry about. To find out more about our payroll software contact the team on help@citrushr.com or 0333 014 3888.

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