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Your employees expect to be paid, on time, correctly, and for all their pension calculations to be right first time. But doing all this in-house, and error-free, can be a challenging task for any small business owner. 

We speak to hundreds of small business owners every day, and many comment on how they spend hours each month calculating the necessary payments for their people. But, unfortunately for you, it’s a legal requirement for all UK businesses to enrol their people into a workplace pension, so there is no escaping it.

And there’s a lot of information to gather to get this right! You may need to consider:

  • Pay rises if an employee moves from a part-time to full-time contact,
  • Any new starters or leavers,
  • If any employee has become of age (22 years old) to pay into a pension scheme,
  • Any employee who has opted in or out of the pensions scheme.


This is a lot of information and data to accurately sort through when paying employer contributions each month. But the good news is, you don’t need to dread doing it.

There are easy ways to save time and make things straightforward without worrying about getting it wrong.

We’ve teamed up with PensionSync to help make your payroll processes even easier than you could imagine.

But what is PensionSync? And how can it help? Keep reading to find out more:

What is PensionSync?

PensionSync is a one-stop-shop for payroll-to-pension processing and automates your processes at the click of a button, taking away the pain of Automatic Enrolment legislation for employers and the payroll team.

But which providers are available?

There are an abundant of pension providers across the UK and many small business employers use these popular programmes in the workplace:

  • Aviva
  • Nest
  • Legal & General
  • NOW:Pensions
  • Smart Pension, and
  • The People’s Pension.

All of these are available through PensionSync, meaning you’ll no longer need to export and import data, and can sleep easy knowing your employees’ pension contributions are being sorted for you.


What are the benefits of PensionSync?

Seamless automation

citrus HR payroll now offers a PensionSync Integration, which enables payroll and pensions to be managed hand in hand by you.

Manual data entry is one of the biggest pains of running a small business. After all, who has the time to be checking numbers over and over again, for every employee?

Which is why we’ve made it easy for you. With the new integration, you’ll be able to save hours of work each month while the sync does the hard work for you, automatically calculating everything from your employee files.

Pension data error correction

We are all human and sometimes make mistakes. But your employees expect to be paid correctly and have all contributions to be calculated without any errors, so that’s a lot of pressure on you.

With citrus HR and PensionSync, that pressure is a thing of the past. PensionSync automatically corrects common errors between payroll and pensions, and even matches it to the correct format for your pension scheme. Now if that doesn’t give you peace of mind, we aren’t sure what will.


Reporting and audit information

Great, so you’ve sorted all your contributions, job done right? Well, not quite!

We always recommend keeping an audit trail of your pension data submissions, which can be another time drain. However, from your PensionSync dashboard, you’ll be able to see all payments, opt outs and other employee file changes, and export all this data for your own filing too.

There is some detail around this on the PensionSync help centre here.

Our partnership with PensionSync

We’ve integrated our Payroll software with PensionSync, which means all of our payroll customers can now submit pension data directly to their provider in the last step of payroll each month.

This update to our payroll solution brings you even faster payroll processes and leads to fewer manual data entries than ever before. We hope that it provides a standard, efficient answer to seamless payroll-to-pension processing.



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