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We were fortunate enough to sit down with Richard Suswain of Tyrrell Accountants. Tyrrell Accountants are a team of thirteen based just south of Cambridge and are a proud partner of citrus HR. As a firm they deal with all sorts of clients ranging from small, self-employed businesses to multi-million-pound companies.

Tyrrell Accountants became aware of citrus HR after meeting our CEO and Partnerships Manager at the Digital Accountancy Show, though they weren’t ready for partnership at that point. It was only after they revamped their payroll offering that they felt ready for this next step.

“We were looking at some additional functionality we could offer clients. We were bringing the whole payroll service into a modern era, so thought whilst we’re doing that, why don’t we offer a better HR service – which is where citrus HR came in.”

Richard mentions that the partnership has been excellent so far, and that he’s always had a quick response to any questions or queries. He found the software easy to use and has also had a great experience when using the citrus HR Customer Support. We asked Richard how his partnership journey first took shape.

“The first thing we did is implement the software within our own firm. We knew if we had a good understanding of how the software works, we’d then be in a better position to confidently recommend it – so we’ve been using it ourselves since April 2023.”

Tyrrell Accountants make the most out their software by using it for holiday and absence management. They’re also big fans citrus HR’s appraisal system. We’re so happy that Richard and his team are enjoying using citrus HR’s software as we believe it can really be a game changer in a small business.

When we asked Richard what his favourite aspect of citrus HR was he said, “Most small firms are already going to have some sort of leave management system, even it’s manual, or on Excel or whatever. What I think probably a lot of small businesses don’t have is the appraisal system, the goal management, the performance reviews, that sort of thing.

Richard was quick to praise how easy citrus HR’s software is to use. He made the very good point that it is hard to keep hold of good employees at the moment, and that we are in a tough time for recruitment. He believes that having good, modern systems in place (such as citrus HR) is a great way to help retain staff.

When we asked Richard what advice he’d give to anyone thinking about partnering with citrus HR, this is what he had to say:

“There just isn’t really anything to lose. As a partner we can use the software without any cost to ourselves and we don’t have to pay to be a partner. If we come across a referral we think is suitable, we can pass it on and great, we’ve done the client a favour and it’s all about helping the clients.”

A big thank you to Richard and his team at Tyrrell Accountants, we’re thrilled to have them as partners. If your company would like to become a citrus HR partner, and get free use of our intuitive HR software, you can find out more here.


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Tyrrell Accountants – Being a citrus HR partner

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