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We were fortunate enough to sit down with Chris from Clear Balance Bookkeeping, one of our loyal partners. Clear Balance Bookkeeping have over 21 years of experience and pride themselves on being friendly and approachable – just like us. They like to keep things simple and avoid stuffy suits and jargon so they were a perfect fit to become a referral partner of ours. This means that Clear Balance use us to refer any of their clients who they think would benefit from our HR software.

When asked about what challenges their clients were facing, Chris replied ‘A lot of our clients have got zero hours staff. With all of the recent rulings around holiday pay, they’ve realised a spreadsheet wasn’t going to cut it anymore, so they’ve identified the need for proper HR help.’

Chris had experience with citrus HR from a previous company. In that company he hadn’t been looking for a partner, just HR software to use themselves as their current provider wasn’t one that met their requirements. A quick Google search lead Chris to citrus HR and he was happy with our transparent pricing and friendly nature.

‘From initial contact everyone was very friendly and very helpful and not pushy. It’s was great to work with citrus HR and this made becoming a partner the natural next step.’

When speaking about how citrus HR has helped their clients with challenges, Chris was quick to point out the peace of mind that citrus’ HR solution can bring.

‘It’s given them a solution that works. They haven’t got to worry about it. The staff can do a lot of work themselves once it’s set up. It just sits there in the background but they know they’ve got the support when they need it. It’s a weight off their mind that they can expand because they are supported.’

Providing this added benefit to their clients meant that Clear Balance wouldn’t risk losing clients to a competitor because HR services weren’t something they provided.

What Clear Balance like most is how friendly and easy to deal with citrus HR are. Chris spoke about how happy that he is that there is no pressure to sell to their customers. Clear Balance feel they are able to take whatever approach to referrals that they like.

When we asked Chris if he would recommend citrus HR, this is what he had to say:

‘It’s such a great and easy to work with company. We did look around and citrus HR really stood out as the people to go with. So we definitely wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.’

The last question we asked Chris was if he had any advice for those looking for a partner currently.

‘Stop looking, because you’ve found citrus HR.’

A huge thank you to Chris and Clear Balance for taking the time to chat with us – we’re thrilled to have them as partners. If your company would like to become a citrus HR partner, and get free use of our intuitive HR software, you can find out more here.

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