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Warmer weather, lighter nights and new blooms means spring is finally here, and so is our monthly update where we bring you up-to-date with everything that’s been happening inside our HR software…

This month our dev team have been busy beavering away on security features, bug fixes and new designs.

Check out their progress below…

Heightened security for users

Password changes

Do you know that hackers use your password hints to help them gain access to systems? So we’ve removed the ability to leave a password or email hint to make our software infinitely more secure.

From now on the system will let you know how many more login attempts you have left.

And finally, from this spring, on 1st of May, all passwords on the system will need to have at least 8 characters, 1 capital, 1 lowercase, 1 number and 1 symbol.

Improved security for logging in

Many of you will have used two-factor authentication (2FA) before without necessarily knowing its name. It’s when you use a code verified by a separate device to access a system – like online banking.

Now citrus HR has SMS 2 factor authentication. When this feature is enabled a code will be sent to you by SMS (text message). It’s helpful for people who don’t have access to the 2FA app and it’s easier for employees who are less technically proficient.

The video below shows how the new 2FA works…

Save time making bulk changes to your data

Gone are the days of making individual changes to each employee’s data. Now you can upload one spreadsheet with all of your changes. Once uploaded the system gives you the option to preview before it’s processed. You can also make changes to client charge codes and payroll information.

You can find the Bulk Update Form under Settings > Bulk Update Your Staff Data

The day-to-day maintenance

We don’t often mention the day-to-day bug fixes and system maintenance because it’s a little dull and hard to explain, but this spring it’s worth a mention because we’ve knuckled down and cleared a whopping 36 fixes from our list. Phew!

Payroll webinar

We ran our very first customer webinar last Tuesday, and it was a great success! If you’d like to find out how to run your entire payroll in just 5 simple steps, check out the recording below:

How we can help 

Our powerful HR Software has lots of great features to help you tackle HR admin head-on. 

Why not give our friendly team an email at info@citrushr.com or call 0333 014 3888 to find out more. 

The content of this blog is for general information only. Please don’t rely on it as legal or other professional advice as that is not what we intend. You can find more detail on this in our Terms of Website Use. If you require professional advice, please get in touch.

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