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They say time flies when you’re having fun, and summer has definitely flown by for citrus HR’s very own dev team, who have been having buckets of fun giving our software a ‘Summer makeover’, which included a redesign, new and improved expenses, as well as a brand new Covid-19 test and vaccination tracker!

You can find the details of each, and more, below:


Our software has had a makeover

Our primary goal when redesigning our software was making it easier to use and navigate, partly by decluttering screens and modernising it slightly, although we made a conscious effort to retain the overall feel of our software, as we know so many customers like it!

We also aimed to make the software more personal, in order to help you and your teams feel connected when working away from the office – a new feature means everyone can get to know each other by filling out the new questions about themselves in their employee file.

We’ve updated our software screenshots you can see on this website, which gives you a sneak peek at the redesigned software –if you like what you see, then why don’t you sign up for a free trial here, to help you get a better feel for what we can offer.


Better support for businesses with international staff

For businesses that have staff working abroad, being paid in different currencies and subject to different local holiday regimes, we have a new update for you.

We now have a feature that allows you to set up your international employees’ pay and payments in other currencies, have the option to add a foreign National Insurance equivalent and opt employees out of UK bank holidays.


New and improved expenses

With the aim of making managing expenses more efficient for you, our expenses feature has had a makeover and is now live!  The improvements include now having one screen where you can view and manage all expenses, as well as having more flexibility on who can approve expenses and who is notified of them.


Covid-19 test and vaccination tracker

We know that many of you are grappling with the complexities of getting staff back to the workplace safely and as part of that may be considering whether to use testing and/or vaccination data as part of that process.  Before doing so, it is important to consider whether this is necessary or appropriate for your workplace – if you are  unsure whether this would be advisable for your organisation our HR Support comes with expert advice to navigate you through Covid-19, along with all the benefits of our HR Software.

If you are going down the testing route, we are now able to support you in tracking that information carefully and securely. We have successfully implemented a Covid test tracker for you to use with your employees should you need to collect data about Covid tests.

You have the option to add the results to the system one by one, or as a batch together.

You can then view a report of all the test results, as well as set up notifications to let the people who need to know when someone tests positive – you can choose who these go to.

You can even allow employees to record their own tests should you want.

If you also decide that you need to collect information about whether or not your staff have been vaccinated, perhaps because you work in the care sector, we have also created a vaccination tracker in the software.  You can enter the date of vaccination and an expected and actual date of the second dose, as well as the type of vaccine.

We’ve included an expiry date field for these, despite the fact we don’t have confirmation of when these will expire / when boosters will be required – we just added this to future proof the tool and ensure we’re ready for any circumstance.

You have the option to decide if you want your employees to be able to add in their own vaccinations or not, like the test tracker, and you can view a report of all vaccinations, again like the test tracker.


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