Employer headaches and how checklists can take the pain away
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With 16 million people employed in small businesses across the UK, induction, and leaver admin are familiar HR tasks with many owners and managers. But having practical checklists may help to get your ducks in a row.

Here at citrus HR, we love a good checklist and know that it is an easy and simple way to turn HR headaches into manageable tasks.

For instance, while an onboarding checklist is an easy and stress-free way to induct any new starter into your team without missing anything crucial, a checklist for processing an employee who is leaving your company also makes parting company much more straightforward and hassle-free.

Our vision is to help you complete HR tasks like these quickly and easily, so let’s talk you through how these two checklists can help you.

How can our onboarding checklist help you?

To make it easier when onboarding a new starter, we have created a timely checklist to help you organise new employees and make sure that you tick everything off your to-do list as they move forward in their new role.

Our checklist covers everything you need for a new starter, from before they start to their first day, with regular check-ins including their first month and first year to make sure you are on track.

Making sure you tick off everything as you go will make sure that you don’t miss important legal points for any new starter, such as their P45 and checking their right to work in the UK, as well as making sure you get their employment contract signed and stored safely.

Have a look at our blog The ultimate staff onboarding checklist for an extensive look at what is included in the citrus HR software onboarding checklist.

How can our leaver checklist help you?

Inevitably employees do leave for their own reasons, and it’s important as an employer that you complete all the relevant documents needed as they make an exit from your company.

We also have available, as part of our HR Support service, materials that will lead you through a few things that we recommend you do to ensure you effectively manage the leaver and check that there are no underlying issues that you need to address.

Leaver checklist

Ahead of your employee’s last day, it is a good idea to check off important steps to make the experience streamline and stress-free. Our printable leaver checklist and covers everything from holding an exit interview to sorting out consent to references.

This will allow you to process a leaver in a more efficient and timely manner and allow your employee to have a smooth exit from your company.

You can access the leaver checklist via Customer Support.

Because we love checklists here at citrus HR, the leaver checklist will be built into the software next year as a customisable element. So, keep your eyes peeled!


Our cloud-based HR software and support offers onboarding tools, including our checklists, and guidance on employee resignations to make these HR tasks headache and stress free. Get in touch today for a demo or try it out yourself with our free trial.

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