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Let’s talk about recruitment. We understand now more than ever how challenging finding skilled people to join your team can be, with a perfect storm of factors such as Covid, Brexit and The Great Resignation creating even more obstacles to recruitment. 

When your business is under-resourced the rest of your team are stretched to cover the vacancy. This can lead to demotivation, risking more vacancies. Even once you’ve found the ideal person to fill the gap, you have to wait for them to work out their notice period – and it is becoming increasingly common for candidates to accept another offer before they’ve started with you, or even shortly after.

The good news is Della Hudson, in collaboration with citrus HR has produced a white paper highlighting how building the perfect team by nurturing your existing employees and using simple yet effective HR software can benefit the overall client experience. The white paper will give you tips on easy ways to keep your current team motivated and engaged and remove the need for time-consuming recruitment processes.

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