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So you’re thinking about investing in HR software, but is it really worth it? And do the benefits outweigh what is already working just fine?

Maybe you’re still quite a small business and not sure if you really need it yet. Budgets might be tight and figuring out which investments will bring you the most value can be tough.

Or maybe you’ve recently reached that point where your holiday and absence spreadsheets are feeling hopelessly inadequate, but you’re unsure if integrated HR software is the right solution for you?

To help you make your mind up, we’ll explore 5 key benefits of incorporating HR software in your business:

  1. Time-saving
  2. Happier employees
  3. Secure data management and GDPR compliance
  4. Smarter decision making and reporting
  5. Remote access

The HR software benefits

1) It saves time

This is undoubtedly the biggest benefit; HR software can save you so much time on so many tasks!

Here’s a few examples of how it can help you to make big time savings on boring HR admin, freeing you up to focus on the work you really want to be doing:

Holiday and absence management

HR software streamlines the absence and holiday request and approval process. So no more spreadsheets and no more accidentally forgetting to log an employee’s holiday request.

All those fiddly tasks around calculating holiday for staff on different contracts is also simplified. And because calculations are automated, there’s far less chance of error.


When it comes to tedious admin tasks, filing expenses quite possibly tops the list for both employees and their managers.

HR software can certainly take away some of the pain by speeding up the approval process, helping ensure everything gets charged to the right code and storing all the information clearly and securely for when it needs to be sent to payroll.

Employee self-service

Ever feel like not a day goes by without someone asking how many days of holiday they have left? HR software allows them to easily find out information like this themselves.

Payroll reporting

With all the information you need to run payroll stored on the software, it takes seconds to pull everything together.

2) HR software benefits your employees

We believe a happy, motivated workforce is one of the most essential ingredients for business success.

Investing in easy to use HR software lets your employees know that they’re valued. It demonstrates that you’re taking steps to make their lives easier by simplifying tedious admin process, like requesting holiday, filing expenses or filling out timesheets.

HR software with appraisal functionality also shows that you’re taking their development seriously too.

See how our software can help

Our HR Software will help you save hours on HR admin.


3) Offers secure data management and GDPR compliance

The sort of information involved in HR – bank details, address, health issue etc – is highly sensitive. Arguably, storing this data online, provided the servers used are rigorously secured and backed-up suitably, is far safer than a filing cabinet.

Plus, storing all your employee information digitally in one place – references, employment contracts, working hours, holidays, timesheets, expenses, appraisals, pay details and any notes you take relating to their employment – makes finding the information you’re after so much easier, and far harder to lose!

HR software can also take a huge amount of hassle out of ensuring you’re handling your data in line with GDPR. Things like generating reports on the data you store and process, showing your staff what data you store about them and deleting records as and when appropriate all becomes incredibly straight forward with software to take care of it.

4) Helps you make better decisions with easy reporting

While you may not need to pull reports and make big, data-based business decisions every day, HR software can really come into its own when it comes to number crunching. HR software enables you to get at information and data sets instantly, so you can get your hands on exactly what you need.

It’s even a legal requirement to report on the value of unused holiday during the financial year; software can do the maths for you in a few clicks.

HR software also makes it easier to view things like who’s on annual leave when, making it easier to check things like whether you’ll have enough staff if you approve another holiday.

5) Provides remote access

Finally, nice and simply, HR software enables you and your employees to get HR related tasks done anytime, anywhere, from any device; ideal if you’ve got remote workers, workers on the road a lot, or workers who aren’t on a computer much day to day.

Try HR software today

So there you have it; five of our favourite ways that HR software can benefit businesses – no matter how small.

Still not sure? Why not give our friendly team a call? They’ll get to know you and your business needs and help you to work out if software like ours is the right solution for you.

Get in touch on 0333 014 3888 or email to find out more about our easy to use HR Software.

Or why not try it for yourself today with our free trial.



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