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We’ve only gone and made our HR  service even better
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We’re always looking for ways to make HR simpler for smaller employers. And sometimes that even means looking at how we serve our customers. That’s why we’ve just gone live with a brand new look and feel for our powerful HR software.

The change is subtle, but it’s certainly visible – as you can see:

New citrusHR Dashboard

What won’t be so subtle is the increased speed and ease with which our customers can now use our HR software. We’ve spent a great deal of time over the past few months refining, tuning and tweaking every part of our software; to make sure that we can bring the best possible experience to those that use it every day.

So, if you haven’t taken a look at our HR software — just one part of our comprehensive HR service, by the way — do head over here and see what it can do to help make your HR admin less of a headache.

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