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It’s September already, and if we’re lucky the country (and world!) will start to get slowly back to normal – or a new normal more likely. But Coronavirus is still very in our midst so we have some software updates for you to help manage your teams.

We thought we’d start sharing our latest HR software updates over here on the blog to keep you updated with all the wonderful new features our super dev team have been busy creating, testing and have now pushed live.

This month we’ve developed a useful new Coronavirus feature, added a Slack integration and made improvements to our custom survey feature and you can be assured that there’s plenty more on the way over the next month or two.

Here’s our latest updates for September:

Coronavirus Return To Work Form


We’ve created a ‘return to workplace’ questionnaire to help you learn how safe it is for all your team to return to work – and crucially provide you with evidence that you have checked all your staff are ok to come back. Employers can be fined for allowing employees who should be self-isolating back to work – so having records of this stuff is going to be really important.

How does it work?

The form is very easy to use and includes important COVID-19 related questions such as “Have you or anyone in your household tested positive for COVID-19 in the past” and “Would you be considered at high risk (clinically extremely vulnerable) to coronavirus (Covid-19)?”. This will help you risk assess and plan the best approach to bringing your teams back in.

If you want to see this tool in action, we’ve created a short video tutorial below:

Slack Integration


We have added a Slack integration so any of you that use Slack can now integrate it with our HR software, which will make it even easier for your team to stay on top of all their HR Admin.

For those of you who don’t use Slack it’s a cloud-based collaboration hub designed to help your staff communicate with each other more quickly and efficiently, reducing the need for emails and boosting productivity within teams. Think of it a bit like a Whatsapp for business!

How does it work?

This integration works by sending notifications into Slack if any team members are sick, on holiday, or if they have a birthday coming up. They’ll also be told whenever a team member submits a request for remote working, a holiday, an appointment, or an expense claim.

Custom Survey Questions


As you know, we recently released our customer survey feature and as it’s been such a success, we’ve upgraded it and made it even better!

How does it work?

Now you can also send out one-off surveys, asking your team any question you want such as “should we get an office dog?” or “how do you feel about coming back to the office?” This can help you stay connected with your staff – especially with those working remotely. We’re planning to use it to let our team tell us where they want to go for our next company social for example.

When people start to answer the survey question you’ll be able to see a report showing and summarising all their replies making it quick and easy to see what your team thinks overall about the issue. It’s super easy to set-up and use, too.

Staff Custom Survey

Our HR software

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