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Why use HR cloud software?
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HR old and new comparison infographic

In years gone by HR would keep filing cabinets full of paper records for everything from reports to holidays taken, sickness and wages. Most small businesses have come a long way since then, perhaps storing data electronically in a jumble of spreadsheets and other apps, at least this frees up some office space but is still far from ideal. Some might have an HR system hosted on-site, but these are only accessible to those in charge of HR. Thankfully there is a new and better solution – HR cloud software, a system designed to manage all of a companies’ HR admin in one place.

Here are the biggest and best benefits of moving over to HR software to manage your employees.

[tick]Easy access to information[/tick]

Reliance on spreadsheets and documents in various apps and systems is not only a brain-drain but also creates reams paperwork. With HR software every employee has their own login information. You can customize what information is accessible to each employee and hand over the reins to your staff. They can track their time, see who’s in the office, see how much holiday they have left, the list goes on! It’s a big helping hand and makes staff requests for information a thing of the past. Leaving more time for you to fry those bigger fish.
P.s. Software that works as a mobile app is particularly brilliant for employees who spend a lot of time on the road.
Which brings us to….

[tick]Data security[/tick]

Ever wondered how secure your employee data really is in that filing cabinet? Would you know if it had been compromised? Ditto a hard drive or computer. What would happen if there was a fire or flood? Or your hard drive or computer corrupted?
Not a nightmare anyone wants. When you’re managing staff or running a business you want to be able to focus on other things like having good ideas, selling great stuff, creating happy staff and keeping your happy customers. You want to be safe in the knowledge that your employee data, reports, policies and other admin are all safely locked down and bank level secure.
The cloud has it covered.

[tick]Auto reporting and calculations[/tick]

Good HR software gives you valuable insights. It automatically calculates sick pay. It can show you if an employee is always off sick the same day of the week (incorporating the Bradford factor automatically). It reports on the data you hold allowing you to make informed decisions and to notice if something is going well or if something is amiss. To do all this manually would be a huge effort, (and extra bucks for that effort).

[tick]Confidently compliant[/tick]

HR software can issue warnings and reminders ensuring you don’t miss key dates such as birthdays; e.g. on the birthday of a younger member of staff, you may need to raise the wages to stay in line with the National Minimum Wage.
The software keeps track of health and safety issues, allowing all employees easy access to information such as where the first aid kit is and who is in charge of health and safety at various locations.
With in-house lawyers, nothing is left to chance, and all the tools for 100% legal compliance are provided, meaning you can take that weight off your mind and park it.

[tick]Magically efficient administration![/tick]

Having a dozen staff or more can (and historically would) mean an administrative nightmare just to keep track of their basic information. With the new HR software, it’s all organised in one place. Staff can upload their own expenses (from their mobiles) and those expenses can be authorised by whoever you specify. (In an extra bonus citrusHR’s software integrates with Xero accounting software for added ease when it comes to expenses). There’s also space to upload your own policies, staff handbook, and mission statement all viewable online reducing the paperwork stack.

[tick]Reduced cost[/tick]

HR Software should be totally affordable (the best ones are) and free from long tie-in contracts. So you can opt out if it no longer suits the needs of the business.
Aside from it costing very little relative to the benefits gained, there are less tangible savings as well; efficiency and productivity – freeing up time to focus on the more people orientated HR issues such as workplace culture, appraisals and recruitment. All this is likely to improve employee engagement, reduce absences and may mean you can find a better fit for your team when hiring.

Like dominoes, the ripples through the business could be profound by simply opting for a better HR system.

If you’d like to see the software in action call us on 0333 444 0165 or email help@citrushr.com for a demo.  

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