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As a small business you have a lot of HR solutions to choose from, whether you’re looking to choose HR software that can save your business time and keep your employees connected, or you’re hoping for the peace of mind that HR support service provides.

Here at citrus HR we understand that there are a lot of providers out there but, we don’t believe anyone does small business HR quite like we do. So, here are 5 reasons your business would benefit from choosing us.


  1. No long contracts

Long contracts can be a nightmare for a small business. You could easily find yourself locked into a contract that is years long and, if you don’t cancel it at the right time, a contract that will auto-renew for years to come. The problem with long contracts is that they don’t incentivise your provider to keep you satisfied and they leave you tied into something that doesn’t fulfil your business needs. This is important to consider when you are deciding which HR software to choose.

We believe that customers should stay because they want to, because they love the service they are receiving and because it genuinely helps them. This is why we don’t do long contracts – we keep our pricing transparent and our contracts run on a monthly basis. Did you know our average customer stays with us for seven years?


  1. A personal friendly approach

Values mean a lot to us here at citrus HR so you can rest assured that you’ll be made to feel welcome. Our customers often feedback to us about how friendly and helpful our people are, which is not only great to hear, but shows that what we’re doing works. It’s important to us that you to feel like more than just a number in a system and we’re proud that our high ratings on Xero, Capterra and G2 reflect this. So, whether you’ve got a question for our customer support team, you’re reading one our helpful software guides, or you’re being guided through a disciplinary issue by one of our HR experts, you can have peace of mind that everything we do is to make your life a little bit easier.


  1. Better for the earth

Not only will you save time if you choose our HR software, but you’ll also be saving the planet. Our cloud-based software means that you have everything you need online, which means that paper admin can be a thing of the past. Storing your documents online means they’re quickly and easily accessible. You can even have e-signatures for contracts e-signed, which is just as great for onboarding as it reduces your paper output.

All our HR support is delivered through the software meaning that all your templates and management guides are right there when you need them. Also, your people will love that our payroll software lets them view their payslips online (another great way for you to reduce your environmental impact).


  1. Integrations with other software

Small businesses are always looking for ways to stay ahead, which means a lot of them used cloud-based software for other tasks, like accounting or rota planning. Our new integrations allow our customers to use some of these software platforms alongside their HR software.

This could be anything from bulk-paying their employees using Telleroo, syncing up information from their rotas with Deputy or Planday, or pushing all their expenses and payroll information into Xero or QuickBooks. We know how much time it takes to run a business and believe that integrations like these can really help to give our customers some of that time back.


  1. Small business experts

Small businesses also often have less resources which is why our intuitive software is designed to be simple for both you and your team to use. In fact, you can even or start a free trial before you sign-up, just so you have an idea of how we do things. Our software covers everything a small business needs and more – we offer additional Payroll software and Recruitment software so that you can grow with the demands on your business.

As a small business ourselves, we know this industry. We know how much you value your people and how different it is running a small business to a large enterprise. A lot of other HR providers will offer a one-size fits all approach that simply doesn’t apply to small businesses, but that’s not us. Our HR experts will take the time to get to know you and your company, they understand just how unique your business is.


We’d love to speak to you about how citrus HR can help your small business. If you wanted to chat through any of these reasons, or ask any further questions, we’d be happy to hear from you.



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Five reasons to choose citrus HR

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