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The Landing Place are a brand new ocean front restaurant in Bognor Regis. Their team of sixteen have a passion and commitment to sourcing fresh, sustainable produce and we are thrilled to support their business with our HR and Payroll software.

The Landing Place were initially looking for a way to manage their payroll and citrus HR were recommended to them by a HR consultant. They were advised that a good piece of HR software could really help them to manage their admin – a key factor in any busy restaurant. Having had a look at a couple of different companies the Landing Place ultimately settled on citrus HR because of its fair pricing and helpful features.

‘We were really happy with the price and what we got for it, so we thought it was a great idea to go ahead with citrus HR.’

When asked what the deciding factor for choosing citrus HR was, the Landing Place replied ‘Everyone we spoke to seemed to be much friendlier and much more helpful than other companies.’

We pride ourselves on being friendly here at citrus HR, so it was lovely to hear that feedback.

The owners of the Landing Place were in the position of running their first restaurant, so they knew there would be a lot for them to learn. Hospitality can be a notoriously challenging industry, this meant that working with a supportive and empathetic company was very important to them. When asked how much help they had needed, the Landing Place told us that payroll had been a very new area for them.

‘Payroll meant learning something new from scratch and it also felt like quite a big responsibility. This was our first time running this process and we found that the support from the citrus HR team really took the stress out of it.’

The Landing Place found our help guides useful, but what they really valued was being able to pick up the phone and get support for more specific queries.

‘Sometimes there’s just a scenario you need to talk through and you really need that human interaction to walk you through it. In those scenarios I was really reliant on the citrus HR team to help figure it out.’

There was a particular instance where our customer support team were able to help the Landing Place work out how to put a tips payment through on payroll. With a little help along the way the Landing Place are now up and running and using the payroll software themselves.

We understand how much of a responsibility payroll is for a small business, so we are always on hand to help with any queries that come up. It’s worth knowing that payroll is just one of the many benefits of our software, the Landing Place were particularly happy having their holiday entitlements calculated for them.

‘Doing holiday calculations can be an absolute nightmare, so having that done for us within the software is a huge bonus.’

The last question that we asked the Landing Place was whether they would recommend citrus HR.

‘For a small company like us, we think it’s perfect. We really appreciate having the support there to help up us get set up. We also think the guides are really helpful and that the system is user friendly.’

Thank you very much the Landing Place for taking the time to talk to us. We hope they continue to get the most out of their software. If your small business needs help with payroll, whether you run a restaurant or not, then please get in touch with our team today!

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