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Lucy Smith is the founder of DigitalGrads, a staffing and recruitment platform that matches university grads and entry-level job hunters with roles at innovative tech start-ups and small businesses.

Like many start-up founders, Lucy wanted to start DigitalGrads with the best foot forward and have processes in place from the get-go. And being familiar with citrus HR from the start really helped to get up and running quickly.

Lucy says, “I worked with citrus HR’s founder when I was a marketing consultant them and am now a Non-Executive Director, so I have a more of an insider’s view of things than most of your customers would – I’d seen under the bonnet and used the product extensively before installing it in my business, so if I thought it was no good I wouldn’t have used it.

“DigitalGrads has used citrus HR from the very beginning, so we found it particularly useful setting our first employees up with contracts. It was a huge time-save as well as peace of mind that we were doing it correctly.”

Valuable features

There are an abundant amount of features in the citrus HR software and Lucy expresses that a lot of the functionalities help with running her businesses and keeping on top of HR admin.

She says, “Holiday bookings and calculations, setting up new employees, timesheets, contract generator – as a HR Support customer – and just the ability to look stuff up if you need it has so much value. It’s nice to know it’s all there in one system that I can get to in about three seconds.”

Painless payroll

Lucy adds, “Payroll is the best feature for us by a long way. It takes me less than 10 minutes each month to run payroll for our staff. We previously paid our accountant to do it for us, and it took the same time preparing the changes to send over as it does now to run it ourselves.”

Would you recommend us?

When asked if she would you recommend us, Lucy simply replied,

“Yes, I have and I do!”

Find out more about DigitalGrads here.

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